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Bears Trade Gabe Carimi, Vikings Fans Remember Jerry Angelo Fondly

Gabe Carimi Bears

This week, the Chicago Bears shipped offensive tackle Gabe Carimi to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a sixth round pick in the 2014 draft and a Playstation 2, probably. Not even a Playstation 3 or a pre-ordered Playstation 4, just the 2, an older model, but the only thing that would offer correct compensation for the Bears horrible, horrible drafting talents. 

This trade is monumental for Bears fans, and a bit sad for Vikings fans. First, it highlights for Chicago a removal of the last first round blemish that former Bears GM Jerry Angelo left with the team, fumbling first round draft pick after first round draft pick, where finally the team is left with ZERO first round draft picks made by Angelo on the team since Angelo's run as GM started in 2001. Zero. There's not a single player the Bears selected from the first round in the past 12 years that is still on the roster. What the hell. Not even Spielman could screw that up. 

And for Vikings fans? Well, it's sad, because maybe now the Bears will start to get good? …. Probably not. 

Bears fans will probably lament how awful Angelo was during his tenure in Chicago, but I tell then to shut their filthy mouths. At least their team has gone to the Super Bowl since the Cold War ended. Not so with us sad sacks in Minnesota. 

But I guess Bears fans have some merit in their complaints. Jerry Angelo was pretty awful, as evident by his record of first round draft selections:

Draft Year Pick Player Name Position College
2001 8 David Terrell Wide Receiver Michigan
2002 29 Marc Colombo Offensive tackle Boston College
2003 14 Michael Haynes Defensive end Penn State
2003 22 Rex Grossman Quarterback Florida
2004 14 Tommie Harris Defensive tackle Oklahoma
2005 4 Cedric Benson Half Back Texas
2006 No Pick
2007 31 Greg Olsen Tight End Miami
2008 14 Chris Williams Offensive tackle Vanderbilt
2009 No Pick
2010 No Pick
2011 29 Gabe Carimi Offensive tackle Wisconsin
2012 19 Shea McClellin Defensive end Boise State

Thumbs up, Jerry. Thumbs up.

That is pretty damn awful. Look at that list. David Terrell? That seems like a Detroit Lions pick. I don't even remember Michael Haynes. I DO remember Sexy Rexy, the Sex Cannon Grossman. He at least "led" the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance. But Tommie Harris, Cedric Benson, Greg Olsen, and Chris Williams all pretty much flopped, or at least under performed as a Chicago Bear, so that doesn't help.

I guess in Angelo's defense, he did trade for Jay Cutler, which is why they didn't have any first round picks for so many years. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing, I'm not one to say, because the Vikings ended up using a first round pick on Christian Ponder. But maybe Angelo was just better at trades than at drafting? Call him the David Kahn of the NFL.

I guess we'll now have to wait and see if the Bears new GM, Phil Emery, is any better. I do know that – as a Vikings fan – I love the Bears firing Lovie Smith and hiring Marc Trestman. In retrospect, Lovie appeared to be doing a lot with a little during his tenure there, and Trestman is such a nerd that there is absolutely no way that hire works out. So from my perspective, there may still be hope that the Lions and Bears continue to suck, and the Vikings and Packers fight it out for NFC North supremacy. Woo hoo!


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