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Vikings Stadium Ground Breaking Photo-Stravaganza!

Tuesday was a cold, yucky day in the Twin Cities, but for Zygi Wilf and the other Minnesota Vikings owners, it was the best god damn day ever. They got to break ground on a billion dollar Lincoln Log set that they'll pay athletes to beat each other up in, and drunk idiot fans to […]

cat intercepts matthew stafford

Cat Intercepts Matthew Stafford, Vikings Playoff Chances Still Alive

Whoa, OK, everyone slow down. How meta did we just get here? A CAT intercepting a pass from Matthew Stafford, the quarterback of the Detroit LIONS?! What dream level are we on, Dominic Cobb? But it's true. After the jump is a video of an actual feline intercepting a Matthew Stafford pass, which is a […]

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PJD’s Game 12 Recap: A Microcosm of Ineptitude

1:30 Away From Another Tie Remember the Vikings game last week? It probably doesn't really stick in your memory well, because the team didn't really lose, but they didn't really win, either. They didn't really do anything. They played the Packers with Christian Ponder under center and they left with the same number of wins […]

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Black Friday Brings You Blair Walsh Stache

Listen, it's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm feeling bloated and hungover and am about to eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast. Probably. Or throw up. So I'm not going to treat you to an awesome thought out post or game preview like we normally have. No one would read it. Really. Pageviews on a day […]


Happy Vikings Thanksgiving from Purple Jesus Diaries 2013!

You know what? Last year, when we wished people a Happy Thanksgiving, there was A LOT of things to be thankful for. Purple Jesus was breaking records, Percy Harvin was on the team still, Antoine Winfield and Chris Kluwe were both around, we were getting new uniforms that didn't have shitty number serifs yet … […]

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Let’s All Make Fun of Bears Fans This Week

It's Vikings vs. Bears week! That storied time of the NFL season where two behemoths of the NFC North face off in a no-holds barred football action that is certain to draw the attention of the country, as the implications of this game have resounding effects throughout the league, shape franchise destiny, and can propel […]


AJ Jefferson Beat a Girl, Also Bad Enough At Football to Be Released

The Vikings are now down to five cornerbacks on the entire roster, after they released CB AJ Jefferson Monday. His release came along with the news that Jefferson had been arrested sometime early Monday for alleged domestic assault, but … when you end up getting cut by the team when these allegations come through, the […]

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PJD’s Game 11 Recap: A Tie Sums up the 2013 Vikings Perfectly

So, a Tie Happened I have been trying to think of what my emotions are after the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers ended up tying on Sunday afternoon, 26 all. On one hand, I'm just furious. A tie is just as bad as winning at this point in the year, because draft positioning […]

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Masturbatory Game 11 Preview: This Crap Again?

This Again? Ho-lee crap, are we doing this again already? More Vikings versus Packers nonsense? It was only like four games ago where we welcomed probably 45,000 Packer fans into their last game in the Metrodome with impassive, open arms and shrugs, saying, "Whatever, come put a foot in our ass, no one cares anymore", […]

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Hitler the Vikings Fan is Kind of Every Vikings Fan

OK, now just hear me out.  I'm not talking the ACTUAL Hitler. I mean, that guys dead (OR IS HE?! CONSPIRACY!), and probably had little time to try and track the budding new sporting event called American football while he was busy tank-screwing countries and burning people alive. Although everyone needs a pastime, and you […]

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Hey Cool! Another Vikings Fan Song!

WELL. Do I have some AWESOME news for you today! We have, legitimately, THE greatest Minnesota Vikings theme song you may EVER hear. And honestly, if this song isn't blared over the loud speakers from day one of the new stadium, then the whole thing has been for naught. Because – THIS SONG! – is […]

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List of NFL’s Sexiest Players Wildly Innacurate

There is a totally disgusting and sexist list that is out on the internet right now that lists the Top 25 Sexiest NFL Players. It features a bunch of football players being displayed as hunks of meat in grotesque, extremely sexist, and humiliating ways, all while ranking them in some archaic, arbitrary manner based on […]


Chat With Greg Jennings Today on Facebook, Ask About His Achilles

THE Greg Jennings, famed Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, is scheduled to take part in a FedEx Facebook live chat Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 5:30 PM CT. Jennings joins … chat host, I guess? … KFAN's Paul Allen for the chat, where the two of them will scour through all of the submitted questions and […]

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PJD’s Game 10 Recap: Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping the Dream Alive We did it, you guys! We accomplished our goal! We are the best! The Minnesota Vikings made a game plan for their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, and they executed it to perfection. They started Christian Ponder because they knew he was THE quarterback that could get us to […]

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Masturbatory Vikings Game 10 Preview: Redemption Time

IT'S REDEMPTION TIME BABY Finally. We have been waiting for this. It's been so long, such a long time coming. We're ready. It's revenge time. Redemption baby. Redemption is spelled P-E-R-C-Y. Oh, did you think I meant like the Vikings were going to get redemption on someone? Ha, no, no, no. No, of course I […]