Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Wild Card Wrap Up

OH NISH, DAS DAT FANTASY FOOTBAWWWLLL!! It was a pretty exciting week in the PJD Fantasy Football league, as six of the cooler teams in the world finally got down to business after what felt like MONTHS of pussy footing around with dick wads that started players on byes, team owners that refused to smack […]

Tweets O’ the Game: The Face Palm Edition

I’ve watched this GIF about 37 times in a row now and I love it more every time. There’s something about this moment in Vikings history that sums the entire franchise up perfectly. And look at the score! The Vikings were only down two touchdowns at that moment! They were totally going to come storming […]

The Metrodome Collapse: A Retrospective

Twas only a single year ago when life was much different. The Vikings were still bad, but at least they had more wins. The team roster was devoid of talent, but at least it held Brett Favre so we could make dick jokes. Chris Kluwe … He still wore number 5. And yes, 366 days […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game 13 Review: Excuses for Hip-Sters

“I’ll take questions now.” “Christian, after you and your team loss to the Lions on Sunday, 34-28, were you looking for any excuses as to why the game turned out the way it did? Can you offer us any insight into why your performance today was the way it was?” “Oh yeah, it totally was […]

Game Thread: Vikings vs. Lions

Clean off your Saturday hangover, girl scouts, it’s the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Join us today as the Minnesota Vikings travel to play the Detroit Lions sans our heavenly figure, but WITH a quarterback who’s got a gimpy hip. Probably from thrusting too hard, in a girl of all things, while he wasn’t wearing […]

Sage Rosenfels Returns to Minnesota for the Percy Treatment

For quarterback Sage Rosenfels, it’s been a long, strange journey. After falling out of favor with then-coach Brad Childress, he was traded to the New York Giants at the end of training camp in 2010 where he was asked back up Eli Manning. In short order, he found that he was the victim of strep […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Week 13 Update

*blows on fingers* Have we started playing this fantasy football season yet? … Oh, we have? Well, who made the playoffs? Oh, I did?! Really! My goodness! I must have just snuck into the playoffs with such a wide array of teams in this year’s league and such BRILLIANT team strategists managing their rosters, didn’t […]

Warcraft Wednesday: THE DEALS OFF, DONOVAN.

Well, it wasn’t much of a deal since McDonovan maybe completed one of his required tasks while Minnesota Vikings ounter Chris Kluwe gave away his SOUL just so MccyD’s could have a number five jersey. He was bamboozled, I tell you! However, I do really hope Heavy D made that donation to charity, at least. […]

Tweets O’ the Game: They Provide “Win” Resistance

I’ve lost count, how long of a losing streak is this for the Vikings? Five games? Six? I have no idea. My guess is that these guys have no idea either. I call these “Win Pants” because they provide win resistance for the Vikings. Clearly, that’s been the problem during this losing streak; dumbass Vikings […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game 12 Review: Getting Forgiven for our Sins

That’s what happened, right? That’s the only reason I can think of why Joe Webb was called for a lazy and stupid pass interference call. The refs were just helping the Vikings – the players, the fans, maybe even the entire state! – wash their sins away with a Tebow win so that we could […]

Game Thread: Broncos vs. Vikings

Get your butts in here, children. It’s the Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game Thread! Now that we’ve returned from church, paid our dues to the Purple Jesus, let’s refocus our attention to the real cathedral of worship, the NFL football field. It’s Noon-O’clock soon, which means Lord Tebow will be taking the field and fighting his […]

Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory God Battle Preview: Broncos vs. Vikings

Let’s get sacrilegious up in this bitch: Alright, we’ve got no time to pussy fart around here. Let’s get straight to the meat and jubblies of this game preview today so we can get to afternoon drinking and touching ourselves thinking about Linda Cohn on ESPN. RAWR! You old cougar, come here. The Broncos are […]

Celebrity Picks for the Vikings and Broncos Game

The Minnesota Vikings are preparing to face the Denver Broncos this weekend in Minneapolis. It’s the battle of Purple Jesus and Tebow Jesus! One circus uniform versus the next! Underachievers versus overachievers! I’ll let you guess which one is which on that last one! To prepare for the game, Purple Jesus Diaries took ALL WEEK […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Week 12 Update

Well, time to kill myself. I’ve gone from top dog to ass sniffer in about three weeks. Where once Purple Jesus Diaries’ Shirtless Men struck fear into the choad of dozens in this league, we are now a laughing stock, much like the Colts. This must be a test … a test from JESUS, even […]