Fantasy Dreams 2012 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Week 8 Review

There are four players on the Vikings that deserve to be on a fantasy football team this year, and I'm stretching that definition by including the defense. And even then, that's a MAYBE. You have Adrian Peterson and his league leading yardage, Percy Harvin and his league leading receptions, Blair Walsh with his golden leg […]

PJD’s Masturbatory Game 16 Preview – OK Ladies, Let’s Just Get This Over With

Holy crap, this season needs to end: Amirite, gais?! From Favre’s return after the three wise men were sent to get him, to Percy’s increase in games missed due to migraines, dome collapses, coach firings, division ass beatings, Greg Camarillo, TarVar appearances, two games in Detroit, cock shots, zero production from Jn, and threats of […]

A Plethora of Reasons Why the Lions are my Second Favorite NFC North Team 3yAzJxN1hVY[/youtube] I’ve made it no secret around these parts that I have, over time, started to grow a half chub for the Detroit Lions. This is very odd considering I’m a Vikings fan and need to cheer against them in order for my club to win. But damn, let’s face it. The Detroit Lions […]

What Do you Meme? Favre’s Discipline Edition

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diaries’ new feature entitled “What Do you Meme?” where we take a look at a Vikings related news item and meme the shit out of it until all jokes have been exhausted and we’re all sick of talking about it, like your mother’s case of hemorrhoids. Make sure to leave yours […]

Fantasy Dreams – PJD’s Fantasy Football Season Wrap Up

This last weekend was the Championship game to determine who gets to win a free t-shirt by winning Purple Jesus Diaries inaugural fantasy football league championship. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to buy an extra large (or in this case, a XXXL shirt), but when you allow a Wisconsinite and a couple of […]

PJD’s Game 15 Recap – Of Course they Won, Idiots

Win? Why not! It’s only natural that the Vikings ended up winning this game with the way the entire year has gone so far. When it became clear that the Eagles were kind of shit out of luck with about a minute left and it really started to sink in that the Vikings would milk […]

League Sends Minnesota a Message: You’re Not Important

Judd Zulgad, the heady Vikings writer with the failing print media source the Star Tribune, had some choice words for the NFL after they canceled the Vikings and Eagles game scheduled for Sunday night, postponing it until Tuesday evening. Monday, stranded in Philadelphia, Zulgad had this to say: “… the events that have unfolded in […]

Purple Jesus Diaries and Purple Jesus Wish you a Merry Christmas

As is holiday tradition, we photoshop (often times poorly) a picture of Purple Jesus onto Santa’s body. So here you are. We also say thanks for reading the blog and telling others about it, hope the Vikings cut Madieu Williams after the holidays, look forward to drafting a franchise QB, and wish you the best […]

Morning Distractions

I’ll have a game preview along shortly, but in the mean time entertain yourself and your family by heading over to The Gally Blog where I posted a non-Vikings related nugget which may quite possibly be the coolest marching band performance I have ever seen. Ryan Longwell only WISHES his form was as good.

Andy Reid is Excited to Potentially Retard his Offense

Ever since former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was fired in late November, many pundits have questioned where the former coach and coordinator would end back up. Surely, a man that JUST took his team to an NFC title game and was within a heat beat from the Super Bowl won’t remain unemployed for […]

Lessons in Butt Hurt: Packer Fans Edition

After the Vikings got absolutely dismantled by the Bears on Monday night, a cleary concussed and disoriented Brett Favre went up to another great competitor in Julius Peppers and the following transaction allegedly transpired: “I was happy Brett suited up,” Peppers said. “I figured it might be the last time I got to see him […]

Fantasy Dreams – PJD’s Fantasy Football Conference Championship Updates

So, I’ll be honest here. Usually once I cash out (in the bad way, not by winning obviously) in most of my fantasy football leagues, which always happens to be in the first round of the playoffs, I usually just drop the whole thing like a red headed baby. I forget the season ever happened, […]

Could Brett Favre Actually Just Die on the Field?

Brett Favre was slammed on the ground Monday night harder than a Snookie punch. He was officially diagnosed with a concussion, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that he must also be suffering from dementia, illusions of grandeur, and possibly mental retardation, because there apparently is still a chance that he may come […]

PJD’s Game 14 Recap – Cold and Lifeless, Like your Mom

Sleepy Favre is napping. Well that was disappointing: Monday night was a tired, listless, unsatisfying and utterly disappointing evening, and then I put my pants back on, apologized to my wife, and then turned on the Vikings game and Christ, that wasn’t any better. The Vikings got a sexy (and old) shot in the arm […]