PJD’s Week Eleven Recap: That Got Uglier than Fergie’s Face

Uh, was not anticipating that: Remember when the game opened up and there were three and outs, and punts, and penalties, sacks and a kind of a nervous feeling when the Seahawk defenders were tracking down Purple Jesus for minimal gains and Seattle prevented the Vikings from scoring for the first time in seven quarters […]

QUICK HITS: Super Cool Mail Dump Story Bro

I think I just convinced the fiancé to go halfsies on a wii. I don’t know what changed her mind. Like an irrational eight year old child, I expounded upon the benefits of a video gaming system that would require you to move around. Look! wii fit is like a workout machine! We could totally […]

Vikings Stadium Resolution Will be Swift and Aryan

This week, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission and the Minnesota Vikings have reached an icy impasse on the future of the franchise. The MSFC had passed a proposal on Tuesday that they presented to the Vikings that would provide revenue relief to the team upon a lease renewal to stay in the current Metrodome. The […]

PJD’s Hump Day Linkstasy

We’re starting a new weekly feature where we fill space by bringing you the best and greatest links from around the interwebs in the last week. Some may have to do with Vikings football. Most probably won’t, though. And at the end, we’ll send you off with our song of the day. Hopefully, this will […]

Favre Would Be Welcomed Back in 2010 by Almost Everyone

In 2009, the Minnesota Vikings have managed to become one of the NFL’s premier teams with an 8-1 record. This hasn’t always been the case in years past, despite a strong running game that complimented a stout defense. Key playmakers had been missing on the offensive side of the ball, most noticeably a consistent threat […]

Vikings Offense Becoming a Lesson on How to Outsmart a Fox

There has been a change in offensive tone in the 2009 Metrodome since years past. This change started with the trade of Randy Moss years ago and had since been declining rapidly, only to build itself back up. The first glimmer of hope was in the 2006 draft when fabled resurrected running back and savior […]

Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Game Preview: Tears of Honolulu Blue

Oh sweet, it’s the Lions right out of the Bye! There is nothing like coming out of your bye week as a team – healthy, mentally rested and emotionally centered – to find your selves playing the Detroit fucking Lions. Granted, this is the Lions team that was leading the Vikings 10-0 at halftime in […]

Quick Hits: Game Preview Mail Dump Reminder

Welcome to the second half of the season, fuckos. This is also the second half of your opportunity to start sending Purple Jesus Diaries your questions for our weekly Game Previews! I am anticipating some GREAT questions this week. We anticipate the email box to be OVERFLOWING with sexy football and video game related questions. […]

Bye Week Check In: Where the White Women At?

At the midway point of the season players find themselves broken, beaten and scarred. Some wins have been tough to come by and the losses hard to take. For the Vikings in 2009, the NFL bye week came at just the right moment to allow certain players to return to the comforts of home, vacation […]

Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Bye Week Preview: This Is Unacceptable, Vikings

Wait, so what am I supposed to do now? Soo … there’s seriously no Vikings football on this weekend? Hooboy. We’re going to need some major time distractions here, aren’t we? Here’s the deal; if you’re a dumbass like me that doesn’t pay for extra football channels so you get stuck with whatever Fox and […]

QUICK HITS: Bye Week Mail Dump Reminder

Oh, hello internet stumbler. Did you just happen to come across this website Google searching “dump reminder”? I hear if you simply tie a string around your finger you’ll never forget! In other news for regular visitors, we wanted to simply remind you that just because there is no Viking game this weekend doesn’t mean […]

Percy Harvin: Mic’d Up

When the Vikings played Green Bay at Lambeau Field this past Sunday, the original plan was to have Vikings rookie receiver/kick returner Percy Harvin mic’d up for live audio. While he was outfitted with the wires, the FCC’s required five second delay was thankfully used when the audio from Percy was sent live to the […]

PJD’s Week Eight Recap: Give Me Your Tears, Packer Gypsies …

Sweet merciful crap that was awesome: That … was pretty much one of the better things that I have ever done with my life. Watching the Packers get donkey punched in front of 95% of the nation thanks to their former lord and savior has brought me untold amounts of unadulterated bliss. All in a […]