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Game Thread: Vikings vs. Rams Starts our Playoffs in Week 15

It's week 15 in the NFL and essentially this is the start of the Minnesota Vikings playoff run! If we lose today, you might as well put a high heel in our nuts, because the remainder of the schedule is not only brutal, but … well, we've lost a ton of games then too, and […]


Vikings vs. Rams: PJD’s Masturbatory Win for Playoffs or Bust Game Preview

Win or Go Home … Or Really, Win AND We Still Go Home Anyway, Since it's an Away Game: I'll tell you this much … Without the Vikings winning this Sunday, whatever slim hope they still of making the playoffs will get put on a sacrificial block and destroyed with one fell swoop. I think […]


Caption Contest: Jay Cutler Meets the Vikings’ Ragnar

Look at that picture. What a goofy picture. What an odd set up. Why is this even happening right now. What kind of hole was ripped in the space-time continuum that allowed those two wandering NFL souls to meet and have this interaction. It's blowing my mind right now. I need to know what is […]

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White Christmas: Vikings Players’ Favorite Christmas Songs

If you ask any Vikings fan, all they want for Christmas is a Vikings playoff push. Unfortunately, they're more likely to get a helmet full of 2009 NFC Championship losses, or the entire 2011 Vikings season on grainy DVD. We've all been very bad fans. But just because you're not going to get EXACTLY what […]

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Fan Designed Vikings Logos Make Things Feel Tingly

For many years, it was safe to say that the NFC North sported the finest looking uniforms and logos in the entire league. Seriously, name another division that had every team sporting a totally boss looking uni, complete with numerous stripes, vibrant colors, and dynamic history, with a set of bitching primary and secondary logos. […]

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PJD’s Game 13 Recap: Zero Collapses Equal a Noteworthy Event

Nothing Collapsed! That's a Win! It might have been a record day in Minnesota on Sunday. We accumulated a ridiculous amount of snow during a snowfall, the most since 2010 when the Metrodome collapsed all like it was releasing its bowels, AND the Vikings didn't choke the game against the Bears away, despite their horrid […]


Game Thread: Bears vs. Vikings Once Again!

Will the roof hold up under this Minnesota snow?! Welcome to another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Today, the Chicago Bears visit the Minnesota Vikings in their final match up of the season. The Bears are collapsing on their season faster than a child's blanket fort when they piss me off and I kick the […]

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Bears vs. Vikings: PJD’s Masturbatory “Is It Over Yet” Game Preview

How Many Boos Does Christian Ponder Get? Does he get all the boos? Every single one? Will any of them be directed at Big Leslie or Bill Musgrave? I would think some of them would be, wouldn't you? When will they start? Right away? When the offense runs out on to the field? I bet […]

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Chad Greenway Wants Fans “Super Duper Drunk” Sunday

In a statement that is only surprising because it didn't come out of Jared Allen's mouth, Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway recently told the Star Tribune that he hopes Vikings fans show up to this Sunday's game against the Bears "super duper drunk." Yup, SUPER DUPER. His quote: "We have to play accordingly and our […]


Vikings and Packer Fans Like to Beat Each Other Up

This is Mark Swanson. I'll bet his friends called him "Swanny" in high school. Or Marky. Or … Well, he's allegedly 39 years old, so maybe he's young enough to have gone by Marky Mark? I don't know. Either way, he's a Minnesota Vikings fan who recently attended a Vikings/Packers game at Lambeau field. In […]


Is Christian Ponder Actually Tarvaris Jackson?

We've been fooled, every last one of us. Ever since the Vikings drafted "Christian Ponder" and let former Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, walk in free agency to sign with Seattle, we haven't seen any type of improvement in quarterback play. You would think we would, or at the very least that we would […]

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Christian Ponder Engaged to Samantha Steele? Goodbye Vikings Wins

Don't ever say Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder can't score! In what seems like a pretty quick turn around of events, Ponder apparently is engaged to newly minted girlfriend and ESPN personality Samantha Steele. After only one month of dating, Mr. Ponder is ready to create Samantha Ponder, and maybe soon even a little Baby […]

Vikings & Packers Highlights Lead us Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

It's HATEHATEHATE Week with the first Vikings/Packers game coming up on Sunday. Surprisingly, there's not actually a large amount of "hate" going around, either from this site, other Packer sites, Packer players, fat Packer fans, and everywhere else. Maybe it's because we all know the Vikings are *figuratively* out of the playoffs, even if mathematically […]