Warcraft Wednesday: Getting Your Ass Broke L_WfsHpibas[/youtube] Everyone’s favorite Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took to the Twitter-sphere this week to share his thoughts on what eventually led to the Vikings putting Cullen Loeffler on injured reserve, and the signing of something called a Matt Katula to take over for long snapping duties. The reason for all of this is […]

Tweets O’ the Game: Joe Kapp with More Fight than This Team kThLSiykiHY[/youtube] You know, at this point I totally don’t give a camel dick why this is a news story at all, but here is a video to start us off this week of former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp (who is 73 and weighs as much as Chris Kluwe, from the looks of this […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game 11 Review: Losing for Draft Picks

Just a nice, solid, loss: Yes, PERFECT, you guys, that’s EXACTLY how it’s done. You let the opposing team shut you out going into half time. Great work, totally a Vikings move. Then you let them get a nice, totally impossible to overcome, 17 point lead on you with your best player not in the […]

Game Thread: Vikings vs. Falcons

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diareis’ Game Thread, where I write text which means nothing here and then you comment on the game as it happens below. It’s Web2.0! Today the Minnesota Vikings roll into Atlanta to smear those dirty birds all over the field. I believe it goes without saying that if you are a […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Purple Jesus and Purple Jesus Diaries

Thanksgiving! The annual tradition of eating too much, destroying toilet bowls, and watching football all day long! It is the best of the best, the top holiday of the year, and one in which we share with all of you. So let’s remember the REAL reason for Thanksgiving; that without Native Americans serendipitously showing up […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Week 11 Update

SON OF A BITCH. I lost a game I should have won, a game against a low-life, now 6-5 team that puts them only two games behind me in the loss column with … I don’t know … one or two weeks left before the playoffs. I haven’t really been paying that great of attention. […]

Warcraft Wednesday: Forever Immortalized

If you were someone like Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who dedicated (estimated) half of his life to the art of video gaming, 45% to life (including marriage, fatherhood, friends, drinking, et al) and 5% to work (stupid pro football always getting in the way), what would be the best way to be remembered by […]

Tweets O’ the Game: Eternal Factory of Sadness

Do you know what Vikings fans do when their team loses? They bitch, and moan, and find only about four ways to say “This team sucks” or “You’re embarrassing me, Vikings, I hate you” and “Wah, wah, wah, my mangina is red and sore.” Jesus, I get it, we’re terrible. But try to be funnier, […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game Ten Review: Losing the Right Way

We’re bad, but at least we know it! I turned on the old computer machine this morning to look at porn and check my fantasy line-up with about 5 minutes left, when I eventually went on Twitter and saw that the Viking were going to start Tyrell Johnson, something called a Berger, and Asher Allen. […]

Game Thread: Vikings vs. Raiders

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diareis’ Game Thread, where I write text which means nothing here and then you comment on the game as it happens below. It’s Web2.0! Anyway, will the Vikings be able to intercept Carson Palmer four times? Does Ponder take his shirt off? Will Allen break the single season sack record TODAY? […]

Acting Cordial: Talking Vikings and Raiders with Thoughts From the Dark Side

Welcome to another edition of “Acting Cordial,” where we preview the upcoming game by talking with another blog (it’s been a blog for the opposing team every time so far … weird …) in an attempt to DIG DEEP in the minds of the enemy. Honestly, it’s my favorite post of the week because outside […]

I’d Let Purple Jesus Manage My Investments

There are fewer things more heart-warming in sports than watching douche bag athletes who are full of themselves and ultimately not very good (Freddie Mitchell? Double B?) make some quick money, fail spectacularly, build up an unsustainable lifestyle, and then let it all fall to the wayside while no one else will hire them because […]

Get Your Penalty Flags Ready; Benny Sapp Rejoins the Team

Who got the better end of this trade NOW, Dolphins? #VikingsBitch In a move of clear desperation and perhaps retardedness, the Minnesota Vikings have resigned cornerback Benny Sapp to the team. Why? Because Antoine Winfield went on injured reserve after he suffered an injury to his clavicle during the Green Bay game. Because our second […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Week 10 Update

I hate to say it, but I have pretty much been riding on the tight buns of Aaron Rodgers in fantasy football this season, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Going in to every week, he is moderately predicted to put up 24 points or so, and every week he blows those predictions harder […]