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The NFL Draft is still coming up, because every day that passes means that the next day is coming that much closer. That’s how time works for three dimensional beings. Anyway, yesterday we took a look at ranking the draft needs of the team’s offense, and today we take a look at the defense – […]

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Vikings 2015 NFL Draft-Or-Bust Off Preview: Offense

Holy cow, the NFL Draft is this month. Right? It starts this month? I’m pretty sure it does. And while I’ve largely been busier tracking new Shirtless Vikings players joining the roster through free agency, I guess we also may need to find some potential new Shirtless Vikings who could potentially join that are younger. […]

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Roster Moves: Vikings Sign A Matthews Bro

In an effort to have Green Bay Packers fans really dig deep and come up with another asinine reason for how the Minnesota Vikings are trying to be like the Packers, the Vikings went out and signed a player at a position of need on an affordable contract that OK, MY GOD, JUST HAPPENS TO […]

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Yo, Sharrif Floyd Gots Pipes

Did you ever want to wake up to the sound of Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd singing in your ear? Of course not, but neither did this guy, and that’s exactly what he got. What the hell am I talking about? Here:

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Roster Moves: Vikings Sign A Shirtless Taylor Mays

The Minnesota Vikings continued their slow burn through free agency last week by making a couple of small peanut signings. Small in dollar amount and likely impact, but BIG in shirtlessness! We’ll be breaking those down this week and slowly but surely getting prepped for the 2015 NFL Draft. That’s still coming up, right? WE […]

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More Vikings Uniform Redesigns Recall Nordic Heritage

With recent news that the Green Bay Packers were granted an opportunity to wear a third alternate uniform in the 2015 season, I dug up some Minnesota Vikings uniform redesigns that I had not seen before. These come courtesy of design firm Baker in Minneapolis, and are from an old 2013 “round table” redesign post […]

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Former Viking Jerome Simpson Has His Own Custom Clothing Line

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, Jerome Simpson, certainly burned hard and bright in his time with the Vikings. Coming off of a season with the Cincinnati Bengals where he literally flipped over a guy in order to score a touchdown, Simpson came to the Vikings and did a similar move right away during a preseason […]

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Future Mrs. Stafford Kelly Hall Throws Noice Bachelorette Party

With an upcoming wedding nuptials day of April 4th, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and fiancé Kelly Hall are celebrating their final days as swinging young people. And so they are doing what swinging young people do, naturally go to Las Vegas, drink a bunch, and wear sexy swimwear. I mean, Kelly Hall is wearing sexy […]

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An Ode To Shirtless Quarterbacks: Goodbye Christian Ponder

Last week, the Raiders announced that they had signed former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder to a deal in free agency. The deal is for one year, and will see Ponder head to the AFC West. The Raiders relied heavily upon quarterbacks Matt Schaub (who was also released last week after they signed Ponder to […]

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Former Vikings Hope To Attract At 2015 Veteran Combine

This weekend on March 22nd is the NFL’s first “Veteran Combine“, an event that basically will make veteran NFL players feel like second class citizens fighting for their livelihood after poorly managed NFL franchise with terrible coaches likely ran their careers into the ground. So now, potentially decent players have to go through a horse-and-pony […]

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Roster Moves: Trade For Mike Wallace, Cut Greg Jennings

So I’m still playing a little catch up, but thought we should discuss how the Minnesota Vikings did a re-do of the 2013 NFL free agency period when last week they traded for WR Mike Wallace from the Dolphins and subsequently cut WR Greg Jennings. A bit of a whirlwind, so let’s get to the […]