Bears Vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

It’s finally here! The last poop stamp of the season. All year long, Vikings players (and some real shit-head coaches!) have fought over the opportunity to crowned with a brown smudge atop their foreheads. For some, it was a remarkable achievement. For others, it was an uneditable mark. Of poop. But, they deserved it. For […]

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PJD’s Week 17 Recap: Finishing Just Below Mediocre

Hurray, we beat the Bears! OK! We are not the worst in the division anymore! Uh, I guess we don’t suck as much as before? Yeah? That’s basically the summary of Week 17 for the Minnesota Vikings and their game against the Chicago Bears, as well as their 2014 season. We finally won a division […]

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Always Remember Jimmy Clausen Sucks

As we head into the last game of the season against the Chicago Bears, I just want people to remember one thing: Jimmy Clausen is a shit head. I mean, Jay Cutler is also a shit head, but his time as a Chicago Bear largely seems over and done with, even if he is playing […]


Merry Christmas 2014 from Purple Jesus Diaries

For seven years now (or so, give or take, depending on when you started counting), Purple Jesus Diaries has been wishing our 8 readers a Merry Christmas. I say 8 this year, because I think the average daily visitors has maybe gone up by 4, but also down by one because they really approve of […]


Vikings vs. Dolphins: Mushroom Stamp Winner

It’s Mike Priefer. It’s Mike Priefer and his shitty special teams squad forever. Last week Blair Walsh couldn’t hit the broad side of a Kardashian ass. This week, Jeff Locke gets his fucking punt blocked for a game winning safety. A FUCKING PUNT BLOCKED. Keep in mind, he is an NFL player, a real, NFL […]

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Vikings vs. Dolphins: Watch This Teddy Vine

VINE – Greg Jennings Pass From Teddy Bridgewater for 21 Yrds and the TD #MINvsMIA — FanSided GIF (@FanSidedGIF) December 21, 2014

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PJD’s Week 16 Recap: Only Acknowledging Teddy

Yes, I know the Vikings lost on Sunday. Yes, I know HOW they lost on Sunday. Yes, I know most people are tearing into a certain unit on the team like it’s a virgin asshole meeting the Incredible Hulk. I, however, will not be doing that today. Instead, I will be focusing on the positive […]

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Did Someone Really Eat That At The Vikings / Lions Game?

I have been kind enough to include a “feature” image on this post that won’t stick you right in the eye, but for some of the disgusting goodness that is the cesspool called Detroit, Michigan and Detroit Lions fans, go ahead. Scroll down a little bit further in this post, yes, even further below this […]


Vikings vs. Lions: Mushroom Stamp Winner

Blair Walsh is this week’s Mushroom Stamp of Disapproval winner. Check this out. In Blair Walsh’s rookie year, 2012, he finished the season with a 92.1% field goal percentage. 92% of the time he was good, all the time. That was 35 out of 38 field goals, with 10 of those attempted AND made were […]

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PJD’s Week 15 Recap: How To Become The New Lions

I don’t know, maybe that’s not fair. The Lions of yesteryore have and were completely awful. I mean, they are the only team in the modern era to have gone 0-16. That’s super bad! No one else has done that in recent history. Lions, you’ll always have that! So, no, the Vikings aren’t THAT bad, […]


Jets vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

OK, obviously I gave it to Jarius Wright, as you can tell by the picture above, but it could have easily gone to any of the guys below: – Teddy Bridgewater: The rookie strikes again late in the game, both with impressive play with 23 seconds left to get the Vikings into a game winning […]