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PJD’s Game 16 Recap: A Game for the History Books

A Game for the History Books: They actually did it. A team that was predicted to finish by most experts at a paltry 3-13 again pulled off the ridiculous and ended up 10-6. They had some poor games along the way (Tampa Bay loss? Should've won that damn Colts game), but they also notched some […]


Game Thread: Packers vs. Vikings is All That Matters

OK ladies, this is it. Here we go. Everyone take a deep breathe and try not to get nervous tummies where you have to poop a bunch. We need you for the long haul. It's the final game of the Minnesota Vikings' regular season, and they're playing the Green Bay Packers. If the Vikings win, […]

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Packers vs. Vikings: PJD’s Masturbatory “For All the Marbles” Game Preview

Well, This is Very Exciting: Who knew, right? What if we were chatting casually over a fine glass of port on a mid-summer's eve, lauding the game of professional football and discussing our favorite collection of athletes to play for the team associated with our state. What if I had told you that, with one […]


Think You Hate Packer Fans? You Know Nothing Until You See This Rap Video

It was the wildling Ygritte, the lady with the fire burning red hair, who enticed the bastard son of Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, when he was traveling with the free people of the North. As he tried to learn the ways of her people, of all "free" people beyond the Wall, Ygritte would constantly remind […]

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Everson Griffen and Fred Evans Got Some Break Dancing Moves

Minnesota Vikings defensive players, defensive end Everson Griffen and defensive tackle Fred Evans, have both been having decent seasons. Sunday they both came up big too, with Evans getting possibly the defensive play of the year when he sacked Matt Schaub on third and goal and forced the Texans into a field goal. It was […]

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PJD’s Game 15 Recap: WIN AND IN!

WIN AND IN! Never in a million years. Never would I have thought that, this year, the Minnesota Vikings would be sitting at 9-6 on the year, guaranteed a winning record for the season (WHAT?!), in a position to play a meaningful game to get them into the playoffs in their last game of the […]

Merry Christmas 2012 from Adrian Peterson and Purple Jesus Diaries

This photoshop is easily the best thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I want you to have it for Christmas. Merry Christmas from Adrian Peterson and Purple Jesus Diaries. I mean, I'm pretty sure Peterson wants you to have a special day today, even if he hasn't explicitly stated as such, […]


Game Thread: Vikings vs. Texans Mini-Playoff Game 1A

It's playoff time! Well, it is for the Vikings when you need to pretty much win every game all the time from here on out to even have a chance. And so that's what we're doing here on this glorious extended holiday weekend. Join another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread today, and bring on the […]

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Vikings vs. Texans: PJD’s Masturbatory “Everything’s Bigger” Game Preview

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Like Football Games: You thought I was talking about something else? Like maybe big cowboy hats? Big old Five Gallon head gear, with the brims and sawdust and everything? Well I wasn't. I was talking about football games, like this big football game that's coming up for the Minnesota Vikings […]

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Jared Allen: Sexy As Hell in Tight Santa Pants

The early Christmas presents keep on coming for the ladies this year, especially if you're a Minnesota Vikings fan. Most recently, Jared Allen dressed as Santa Claus to attend a players' Christmas party. The difference between this outfit and the Santa outfit John Sullivan worse earlier this week is that this one is TIGHT. And […]

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Purple People Apparel, Holiday Edition: Ruin Christmas with These Vikings Gifts

It's almost Christmas time, and if you haven't wasted your money on the Minnesota Vikings fan in your life by purchasing crappy Vikings shirts from the Purple Jesus Diaries' Merchandise Shop, then you're clearly doing it wrong. If you bought one of ours I can guarantee you that it will make an adult human male […]

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Big Foot Found Dressed as Packer Fan, Photobombing Vikings Fan Picture

After decades of searching, which has included wives' tales, shaky video camera footage, tall tales, and television shows, the elusive Big Foot has finally been captured to film. And to no one's surprise, this monstrosity of a mammal, this hideous beast, this frightening bogeyman, is naturally a Packers fan. At the recent Vikings and Packers […]

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Kalil, Rudolph, Sullivan & Schwartz Rock Some Holiday Outfits

Not wanting to be outdone by Audie Cole, rookie highlight reel, several other Minnesota Vikings recently donned some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters and outfits you could imagine while attending a recent Holiday party. The party was noted as being primarily for the Vikings' offensive line group (including Matt Kalil, seen above), but additional photos […]

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Adrian Peterson – Blowing Minds, Including His Own

After Adrian Peterson defied space and time on Sunday and face punched the Rams rushing defense for 212 yards on 24 carries, I've heard some pretty stupid things flying around. Most of them are along the lines of not exactly disrespecting Adrian Peterson's accomplishments this season (you know, the guy who has come off a […]

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PJD’s Game 14 Recap: Funny Rushing Stats Rams, Now Meet Adrian Peterson

Cool Rushing Stat Story, Rams: Heading into the Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams game on Sunday afternoon, the Rams were feeling a bit like Ice in Top Gun. Cocky, sure of themselves, maybe a little bit of that Aviator, 80's swagger. They hadn't allowed a running back to top more than 65 yards in […]