John Sullivan – Better Than you Thought

You know what? I’ll be the first to admit that Purple Jesus Diaries has probably ignored John Sullivan more than we should have during his career with the Vikings. It’s not that we don’t think he’s a fine football player (I actually have no idea!), it’s just that he’s kind of invisible when placed around […]

Point/Counterpoint: Experts Debate Purple Jesus’ Injury

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diaries’ Point/Counterpoint, where we interview two experts on a hotly contested topic of interest for Minnesota Vikings fans. This week, we talked with experts concerning the season ending injury to Purple Jesus. The results may surprise you … Point … A certified doctor: “Well, the prognosis isn’t fantastic, but it’s not […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Fantasy Football Season End

As the 2011 Purple Jesus Diaries fantasy football season started this year, I was nervous. Last year, we had a Wisconsin fan win the league, making all of us morons from Minnesota look like a bunch of simpletons who didn’t know the first thing about football. This year, I did the unthinkable by expanding the […]

Warcraft Wednesday: Hardcore versus Casual Nerds – Who Wins?

What can’t Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe do? We already know he could cure cancer if he WANTED to, but did you know he’s also a published blogger now, too? It’s true! Kluwe recently did some spot duty for a video game website called “Game Trailers,” one of their features called Side Missions which provides […]

Dear Purple Jesus …

Dear Purple Jesus, *sniff* You’ll have to excuse me a little bit. I know it’s been three days since the Redskins spat on the Bible and decided to cast stones upon our team’s savior. I know others have written about the events, spoken of the tragedy, watched clips of it over and over again and […]

Purple Jesus and Purple Jesus Diaries Wish You a Merry Christmas, 2011

Like we have in 2009 and 2010, we have a special Christmas Day message for you … Merry Christmas to all you dick-joke loving, Packer hating, fantasy football screw ups, shirtless men appreciating, women objectifying, scotch connoisseurs, GIF makers, Luck hopers, throwback uniform dreamers, Brett Favre despising, Minnesota Viking fans. Purple Jesus appreciates your support, […]

Game Thread: Vikings vs. Redskins

Welcome to a special holiday AND Saturday version of the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Join us as we watch Vikings games, weep openly together, pray that we lose, but then still get mad somehow when we do. Isn’t being a sports fan awesome?! It’s a critical game for the franchise today, as we are […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Masturbatory Game Preview: Vikings vs. Redskins

Please lose: The Vikings are a team who can’t do ANYTHING right. They lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship after clearly out-playing them and overall being the better team. There’s the Falcons debacle. 41-0. Sex boat scandals instead of a quite bye week with the family. Losing to the Cardinals and missing out […]

Fantasy Dreams 2011 – PJD’s Conference Championship Weekend Wrap Up

Down goes PJD, down goes PJD! OH THE HORROR! Well, it’s come to this. Like the Packers this past week, PJD got a little bit cocky. Can you believe it?! I know, I couldn’t either. I don’t know what went wrong. I blame it on the Tony Dungy strategy, where I rested a bunch of […]

Warcraft Wednesday: The NFL’s Best Punter is Chris Kluwe, Says Chris Kluwe

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is the best. He’s the best punter in the game, the best video gamer on the team, the best interview in the state, and the best father to his children. I’m assuming. He’s also, in most of these cases, the only person he knows that does many of these things […]

BREAKING NEWS: Visanthe Shiancoe is Shirtless

EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: Visanthe Shianco is shirtless in the most recent edition of the ESPN Magazine (click on the picture to make it bigger, ladies and Berryands). I know, I thought he would have been pant-less, too. I struggled for a whole minute to try […]

Purple Jesus Diaries Game 14 Review: At Least the Packers Lost

Does that sound petty? I feel like that makes me sound like a poor sports fan. “Oh, the Vikings got their ass handed to them on a Christmas platter, but at least the Packers lost!” Those fans are just the worst. It’s like they don’t even know what winning tastes like, how it’s sweet, sweet […]

Game Thread: Saints vs. Vikings

Welcome to the Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game Thread! Join us today as we get high off of the Ricky Rubio hype only to get glove-slapped as we watch the Vikings get absolutely decimated by a quarterback who is on pace to break Dan Marino’s single-season passing yardage record. Boy, will playing the Vikings help him […]

Purple Jesus Diaries’ Masturbatory Game Preview: Saints vs. Vikings

2009 vs. 2011: Here’s a mind banger for you. It wasn’t even over TWO years ago when the Minnesota Vikings were not far away from getting their shit together and heading down to New Orleans to play the Saints in a game that would determine the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. AND WE ALMOST […]

Acting Cordial: Talking Saints and Vikings with Saints Nation

It’s back! Acting Cordial is the easiest article we get to produce all week on this stupid blog, because someone else does half the work for us. In reality, it’s a great opportunity to see what’s going on with this week’s Vikings opponent, dig inside their diseased minds, and find out just how badly we’re […]