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You Ever Notice How Quarterbacks Throw Like This?!

“Yo, check this out!

“You ever notice how black guys throw the football like this?”

teddy bridgewater camp 2014

* Mocks taking a snap from a center* Drops back 5-steps with perfect footwork
* The whole time keeps his head on a swivel
* Checks his first receiving option
* Checks his second receiving option
* Checks his third receiving option
* Checks back to his first receiving option, but still doesn’t like what he sees
* Hits his final step
* Snaps his head back to his check down option
* Plants his feet, squares his shoulder
* Launches perfect spiral to his check down option
* Exemplifies perfect follow through while standing tall in the pocket despite immense pressure in his face
* Smiles and prepares for next snap

“Yeah, but white guys, see, they throw a football like this!”

christian ponder camp 2014

* Looks for an actual center to take a snap from, sees none, complains, then laughs as he realizes it’s practice, not live action, and instead grabs a ball from a football cart that was literally sitting right next to him.
* Begins his 5-step drop
* Trips twice over his feet during his first step drop back
* Stops his drop back at 3-steps
* Stops, counts off steps on his fingers, laughs at himself with hands on his hips, exaggeratedly takes two more steps back, throwing his hands up in a mock sign of dismay
* Looks at his first receiving option
* Keeps looking at his first receiving option
* Opens his eyes wide at his first receiving option, patting the ball and bouncing on his feet, waiting for his first receiving option to get open
* Yells, “Hello! I’m trying to throw to you! Get open!”
* Waits 5 more minutes waiting for his first receiving option to get open, until said receiving option gets so tired he falls to the ground, passed out
* Throws ball to first receiving option
* Watches as ball bounces off prone body of maybe-dead first receiving option
* Chuckles to self, throws hands in the air with a “Whaddya gonna do?!” laugh
* Walks to sidelines and drinks pickle juice

“It’s true, it’s true! White guys are so lame!”


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