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Who is the Minnesota Vikings’ Bridewater?

This past offseason for the Minnesota Vikings was certainly one of change.

From former head coach Leslie Frazier being let go, along with almost his entire staff, to veteran players like Kevin Williams and Jared Allen freely walking in free agency, there has been a bit of an open, rotating door at Winter Park. As former staff and players walked out, new staff and players were welcomed. Head Coach Mike Zimmer was first, followed closely by highly sought after free agents: Linval Joseph, Captain Munnerlyn, and others. Even the 2014 NFL Draft saw a significant change in the Vikings roster, as the team welcomed 10 drafted rookies to the roster.

With all that shuffling around and new names, it’s probably not surprising if some of the less popular and newer players brought in may have been missed by fans and media alike. Sure, everyone knows new linebacker Anthony Barr, and all our eyes have been on rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater … But did you know there was a “BRIDEWATER” who joined the team as well?

Yes, lost amongst the Teddy Bridgewater watch is Mr. Bridewater, a nondescript player who has joined the team and has even flown under the radar. Bridewater is not someone who normally stands out to the fans, who are always looking for a player willing to make a splashy play, a monster sack, or an amazing catch. Bridewater is like a Scott Crichton; someone who goes about their business, quietly, anonymously, gets the job done, and refuses to accept any accolades. Every team needs a player like Bridewater, someone who is willing to do the dirty work for the team, and the Minnesota Vikings are lucky to have him.

But don’t let his anonymity fool you. It’s not like Mr. Bridewater doesn’t have ANY fans out there in the state. Target, a local company, was so enamored with the silent hero that they put his shirt on their shelves. At least until they sold out. But some fans were lucky enough to find one, like this little guy at a recent game:

teddy bridewater shirt mispell

So the next time you see a Bridewater shirt out there, smile knowingly, and thank Mr. Bridewater for taking on the extra duty for the team. He may be small in popularity, but Bridewater is certainly large in our hearts.


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