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What Weirdness Can You Find in this Mega Metrodome Picture?

During the last Metrodome game for the Vikings, the Star Tribune went ahead and took a super-mega pixel photo of the entire stadium. I say super because holy crap, can you zoom in and find some weird stuff.

So, for a little Friday, end of the week, exercise, I've combed through and found some of my own surprising people in the crowd. I'm sure I missed some, so if you find anything, share it in the comments. Here's photo 1, and here's photo 2.

Let's get to the weirdness!

Vikings mega zoom 1

This guy LOVES his purple suit, and now he has to wait all the way until August to wear it again. But hey, he's old enough, he probably won't grow out his suit size anymore, so you can still say it was a SUPER wise investment.

vikings mega zoom 2

There's always that guy who has to wear a jersey other than a Vikings jersey to the game. Sometimes, as in this final Metrodome case, it may be a Lions jersey, since they were the opposing team. We of course hate those people, because they are not wearing Vikings jerseys. But this guy? He went out of his way to wear a WILD, a hockey, jersey. Makes no sense. Speaking of …

stupid packer fans

OOOHHHHH, THIS SON OF A BITCH! I hope he got trampled.

vikings mega zoom 3

Guy with a LAST CALL mohawk must always live in constant fear of not being able to get drunk.

this team makes me drink shirt

We have a couple of live appearances of THIS TEAM MAKES ME DRINK t-shirt! Good job, ladies.

vikings mega picture

For some reason, this guy thought that a flesh color shirt was the best option from his wardrobe for a Vikings game. I would beg to differ.

vikings mega zoom pic

"What do we want? Defense When do we want it? NOW!" Great sign, or greatest sign? And he thought no one would see his sign and his poncho when he was sitting in the upper level. I got you, bro.

Homeless Vikings fans

Have we had homeless guys living in the rafters at the Metrodome this whole time, or is this just a thing that the poors who sat up so high always did? I never knew. And now they won't have a place to live! So sad.

Shirtless Vikings fan


Good stuff. Can't believe we have to wait eight months for more of this great stuff! I might actually work out of my football depression by then. Help us Zimmer, you're our only hope!


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