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What Does Mike Zimmer’s Press Conference Word Cloud Tell Us?

Coach Zimmer Word Cloud

Last Friday, Mike Zimmer was introduced as the 9th and current head coach in Minnesota Vikings history. He joins the elite coaching ranks of Norman Van Br … Uh, Les Ste … Mike Ti … Um … Leslie Frazi … Oh, uh, Bud Grant. And Dennis Green. I liked Dennis Green a lot too.

But at some point, all of those coaches either retired, quite, were fired, or died (I think that's what happen to Brocklin, probably?). And now that they are all gone in some form or another, Vikings fans can sit back and understand what some of those coaches were about. Dennis loved high flying offense and playing the drums. Mike Tice like eating pencils and being schizophrenic. Leslie Frazier liked cold bread and tap water. So what about Mike Zimmer?

Well, we ran his press conference transcript through a word cloud, and here are some of the things about it that jumped out to us, things that you can expect from the new Minnesota Vikings head coach.

If you're not familiar with a Word Cloud (Really? Who isn't familiar at this point with a Word Cloud?), they essentially take a bunch of words that you may dump into a text editor and it will order them based on frequency within the content. Essentially, the largest terms are used the most, in this case meaning that the largest words are the ones Coach Zimmer used most frequently in his press conference. Make sense? Here we go.

Here are some of the big terms that jump out from the word cloud. Can we form any of this nonsense into a meaningful idea of Coach Zimmer?

– Want
– Players
– Coach
– Going
– Think
– Football
– Coaches

OK. Soo … Coach thinks football players want coaches going. BUT GOING WHERE? Let's look at the next grouping of terms:

– Best
– People
– Great
– Guys
– Things
– Lot
– Like
– First
– Team

Alright, alright … So coach Zimmer thinks football players want coaches going … like great guys, best people, team things first. That … That actually kind of makes sense. Zimmer thinks players like coaches who put together the best guys around, gets some great guys on the team together, and people who put the team first. Frankly, if you build a team like that, you are fairly likely to have success. As incoherent as much of this seems, that actually kind of makes sense.

Alright, what about the final tier of terms, level three? Can someone please mention defense, please?

– Defense
– Kind
– Game
– Talk
– Mike
– Always
– Really
– Good
– Defensive
– Quarterback

BOOM! Defense is mentioned twice, and we even talked about the most difficult position on this team to nail, the quarterback! ZIMMER (who references himself in the third person, I guess?) knows the quarterback is important! There's no way he can screw this up!

… Right? … RIGHT?! … Alright, chin up everyone, we're still in the honeymoon period, remember?


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