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Vikings Temporary Home Just Totally Getting Torn Up Right Now

It seems like all it took were a couple of beers allowed to be sold on the premises last year, and now all of a sudden TCF Bank Stadium is just getting torn up this week.

TCF Bank Stadium, the open-gapped stadium that is normally home to the Minnesota Golden Gophers college football team, is getting torn up this week in preparations for a bigger, deeper, more impressive football to own it later during the NFL 2014 season. And when I say it’s getting torn up, I mean it’s just getting DESTROYED right now.

This hot little toddy is getting blasted to the tune of $6.6 million dollars worth. That’s how much it cost for some outsiders to come in and turn that piece upside down. But if you think it was a $6 Million+ price tag to just get in there, oh now, you’re wrong. This place ain’t that classy.

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TCF Bank is opening wide and welcoming a huge face lift with all that Sugar Daddy money. The improvements includes the following:

  • A trimming of the field turf bush, as every classy broad needs a little maintenance
  • A couple of “hydronic heating coils” installed down there, to keep things warm whenever it’s needed
  • Increased storage space throughout the stadium, so TCF Bank can hold more junk in that trunk
  • Concession upgrades to allow the Bank to hold more wieners for hungry ladies at the games
  • Temporary bleachers, so people who “like to watch” won’t feel left out

The improvements started this week with crews sauntering into TCF Bank and just, like, totally uprooting that field turf, nonstop, for hours on end. They got a little dirty doing it, no doubt, but the improved field muff should help keep things from getting too damaged in colder Minnesota winter weather. And that will be a welcome sight to the 54-men Vikings roster that gets to run up and down that field of dreams all year long.


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