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Vikings Redesigns: Vikings – Everywhere You Want to Be

It must be the offseason, because we've certainly seen an influx recently of bored NFL fans deciding it is time to redesign the entire NFL. Last week it was the NFL and Star Wars, this week it's the NFL and Big Corporation. As if the NFL isn't a big enough corporate ziggurat already, I guess?

Anyway, it's a cool idea, as you can see from the NFC North aggregate preview above. Can you guess what corporate brand the Vikings are mimicking there?! Let's go to the review machine, and break down all of the NFC North:

Vikings and Visa

Minnesota Vikings + Visa

BOOM! Visa! A company that you can't live without (What, you work with American Express? You weirdo with your weird card numbers), that has been able to rebrand itself as something futuristic and stylish. This is expressed in the logo through the ever dynamic "V", with it's curled tail at the top representing wings and speed or something. OR VIKINGS HORNS??! It's like a match made in heaven. I love this branding.

GRADE: A+, because the rest of the NFC North rebrands aren't nearly as good, obviously.

Packers and GM

Green Bay Packers + GM

But how would you redesign a brand that is so well known for its brand-apologists talking highly of it, when most of what they put out is a crap product and not as important as they think it is? Oh, wait, are we talking about the Green Bay Packers or GM, General Motors? Guess it doesn't matter, as both descriptions are fitting. Despite both the history in Green Bay and at GM, no one gives a shit. Both provide an overrated product that is begrudgingly accepted by society as kind of needed in the community. Does that mean they are hyper-relevant? No. Does that mean their logo looks cool and modern? Absolutely not. So, bang up job here, is what I'm trying to say.

GRADE: B+ as both brands remind me of inbreds talking together about how they wish they could just get rid of all the immigrants.

Lions and Library

Detroit Lions + New York Public Library

Are we sure that's the NY Public Library logo? Doesn't this look like some type of mutual fund company logo or something like that? Stoic and old timey, but largely you know they're just trying to screw you? I guess that's appropriate for the Lions too, since they are an old NFL franchise that excels in savagely beating their fans' hopes and dreams into submission, while simultaneously stealing all of their hard earned money, just so the team can go 0-16. Maybe the New York Public Library does something like that too with late fees. Wouldn't be surprised. Just ask Seinfeld.

GRADE: A solid B, as the Lions branding totally sucks anyway, so anything is an upgrade.

Bears and WWF

Chicago Bears + WWF

What? This isn't the WWF's logo. There aren't any bears in wrestling! There are only … What's that? World Wildlife Fund? Well, that's stupid. And so are the Bears. While this brand redesign certainly pairs (bears?) up well because of the whole bear theme that is going on in both brands, the WWF totally emasculates Chicago's fearsomeness by providing them with a cuddly bear mascot instead of a vicious, tendon eating anarchist. This is the type of logo you would dress your infant in and take pictures and post of Facebook and piss everyone off with.

GRADE: C+, because while fitting, and while I love the Bears being pussies, realistically it'd be an awful NFL brand.

Make sure to go to this Tumblr account to check out all of the NFL rebranding with corporate logos. I'm a big fan of the Patriots/Pabst Blue Ribbon one. So American trashy!


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