2014 nfl logo updates

Vikings Logo Redesign Honors Our Ancestral Killers

Hey! It’s NFL logo redesigns! We haven’t done one of these for a while. Generally, most NFL logo redesigns you see are a little shoddy. It’s typically someone who wants to toss out the history of the NFL and re-make every team to look like they play in Canada or the XFL, or it’s some hipster art stupid that deserves a punch in his FUPA for even attempting to redesign anything when he’s more worried about listening to his Joy Division playlist. YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE SPORTS, GOD DAMMIT.

But these are actually alright. Some guy called “Ospreydawn” has an Imgur account where he’s listed a bunch of NFL logo redesigns. For the NFC North, which we’re focus on here, he largely seems to get the balance between nostalgia, history, and referenced iconography pretty well. You can see them all above in the preview image, but we’ll review them below individually for more hot SPROTS TAKES.

vikings logo redesign 2014


Overall, a pretty good logo. So many Norseman logos you see (including the one the team actually uses themselves) all kind of suck. They focus too much on making the horns EDGY, or the face SCOWLY, or whatever it is, and forget that Vikings – in and of themselves – can be god damn terrifying. Some blonde crazy person decked out in a cap of animal hide, with horns on his head, and a full beard staring at you ominously? That’s good enough to make me shit myself, man. Also, the font is pretty sweet. Kind of a nice blend of what’s existed with traditional Norse or almost Celtic scrawling. GOOD JOB!

packers logo redesign 2014


Does this logo update make you sick to your stomach and make the state of Wisconsin look like self centered NFL assholes who think the world revolves around them? Yes? Then it’s perfect! Any logo where there’s a “star” to indicate where Green Bay is located in the state is a good logo, because you know Packer fans are too stupid to know how to get there otherwise.

lions logo redesign 2014


I like this Lions logo as well, because it removes the stupid cartoony Lion they have currently, while still retaining the iconic outlined animal. Also, I’ve never seen a lion that the Lions actually use look more intimidating than this one does here – all reared up and charging with tons of mass ready to tear out your throat – but that’s probably by design. No Lions team has ever looked as threatening as this logo does. Nice font, too.

bears logo redesign 2014


I like the subtle “C” Bears logo in the teeth, but I also just like how this bear actually looks like a bear, instead of like something that steals picnic baskets. I also appreciate any Bears redesign that pulls in more orange into their overall motif. Their orange is garish, offensive, and silly, and that’s exactly how I want to enjoy my Bears rivalry. Not by them looking cool.

Anyway, check out all the other redesigns here. Good stuff. And my god, NFL, just get here already.


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