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Vikings Fans Overtake Monday Night Raw, Make Fun of Packers

If there’s one great thing about sports and being a sports fan in general, it’s making fun of other sports teams and fans of other sports teams in ever increasing unique and hilarious ways. Maybe you make an entire video talking about how much another team sucks. Or you mow a middle finger in your lawn towards your neighbor who loves your rival. Or you bang the sister of a guy who cheers for some team colors you hate. Whatever your flavor is, doesn’t matter. As long as you let the world know where your allegiances lie, then you’re doing well.

This guy? He decided he wanted to let everyone know that Vikings fans are awesome on Monday Night Raw.

I’ll admit right away, right up front here, that I don’t know or understand this whole modern day wrestling set up or phenomenon. I know there are a lot of males aged 18-45 who still watch wrestling, both in person and during prime time television hours – like on Monday night, when things get “raw” apparently – but I don’t understand why. It’s weird, kind of creepy, and probably means I wouldn’t trust them.

Regardless, this wrestling fan is sharing a message we can all approve.

Aaron Rodgers Sucks

A fellow Vikings fan on Reddit screen snapped this image earlier this week as a very familiar and affirming message floated across the screen in the crowd. It states simply:

Aaron Rodgers

which is about as straight forward and poetic as you can get. Yes, OF COURSE he does. And every should know this! I mean, he’s a great football player, don’t get my words twisted here. But he undoubtedly sucks, and Vikings fans know this. So, the rest of the world should know this, too.

The sign is done eloquently and tastefully, alternating between full capitalization and underlining for added emphasis where needed. The exclamation point on “sucks” really drives home the hot sports take on Rodgers himself, while the stark line under “skol Vikings” let’s viewers know exactly which team allegiance is sharing this message. But wait, doth my eyes deceive me?! Is the yellow poster board meant to be interpreted as an olive branch between Vikings and Packer fans, two teams who share equal Crayola color patterns?! I doubt it. It’s probably all he could find.

Either way, cheers to this fan for doing what no one else in the crowd had the Vikings balls to do, and for alerting everyone to the TRUTH about Aaron Rodgers and Packer fans.


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