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Vikings Fans: Expert Trolls or Incredibly Stupid?

No one ever said football fans were smart. To lose yourself mindlessly in an athletic competition that causes concussions of varying degree during every play, you have to be a little simple-minded, I suppose. I mean, all of us probably are at some level, to some degree. Maybe that’s when we are able to escape the easiest? I don’t know.

But after today, I promise you no one will say that Vikings fans – in particular – are smart. Because with 1,742 votes on the Vikings website thus far, 46% of fans want Christian Ponder to start for the team when training camp opens in July. As I said, Vikings fans are either dumb as bricks, OR …. they may just be the greatest trolls in the NFL.

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First, let’s assume they AREN’T trolling the Vikings organization right now. Let’s say there really are 941 Vikings fans out there who truly think Christian Ponder deserves to start at quarterback when training camp opens. Why? Really, why? Why would anyone think this? What, because he’s a veteran? So is Matt Cassel. Why shouldn’t he start? He started OVER Ponder last year, in fact, and produced more wins than Christian did. I mean, it’s not like Ponder (Or Cassel, for that matter) have a leg up on any other quarterback on the roster right now because they maybe know the offensive scheme more, or have been in the Vikings’ system longer. There is no system right now! All three QBs are learning Neck Vag Norv’s playbook at the same time. So, again, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??!

On the other hand … Oh my god, if you guys have just been trolling the franchise, I have to applaud you. I was just working halfheartedly to get the #FREEPONDER hashtag going on Twitter, but this takes things to an entirely new level. Yes, let’s reinforce Ponder with positive fan vibes, trick Coach Zimmer into starting him so that we can see more Shirtless Ponder’s throughout this summer, and hey, having Samantha Ponder around certainly isn’t a bad move. I must say, this is all such an amazing amount of foresight that I failed to give this poll question, that I frankly am upset that I didn’t come up with the idea to troll. So, fedora-hat-tip to you, Vikings neckbeard equivalents. You guys have out done yourself.

Oooorrrrrr …. I think we’re probably all in agreement that most fans are idiots, and this poll confirms that. And, now I hate everything again. Thanks, Vikings fans.


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