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Vikings Draft OLB Anthony Barr

Dude, we totally predicted that.


The Minnesota Vikings have drafted UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr with the number nine overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Barr joins the Vikings in hopes that he’ll help our defense not suck so bad next year, but that’s a real tall task to ask of a 22-year old young man.

Originally from South Bend, Indiana (B1G COUNTRY, WHOOP!), Barr is certainly accustomed to colder temperatures and Midwestern sensibilities, which should help his transition from sunny California to the frozen Minnesota tundra.


He’s also a pretty good – but raw – football player in an area of need for the Vikings. As we discussed in our draft preview of him, he has all of the raw talent you could want in a linebacker in the NFL. Agility, acceleration, some ferocious hitting technique, long arms, likes football, you know … Classic star-player qualities.

The knock on him though is that he’s not a great run defender, and probably is too young to successfully pick up NFL defensive schemes right away as a rookie. Doesn’t mean he CAN’T do it, but we’re probably going to need to bring this guy along, use him in base packages only, take him off in nickle, and play him on the outside across from Chad Greenway so Barr doesn’t have to take on all that pressure himself right away. Which is fine.

Vikings draft Anthony Barr


So is this a good pick? Sure! Our linebackers suck. Barr helps that. Mike Zimmer is also a proven defensive mind, so you know he wouldn’t waste a pick on a guy he doesn’t think he can’t turn into a stud. So Barr is probably coming into a real solid situation.

Potential Nicknames/Name Puns:

– Raising the Barr
– Barr-None
– Passing the Barr
– Barr Hopping
– Dessert Barr
– Manthony
– Full Barrs
– Barr and Grillz
– The Barr Code
– Barr Games
– No Holds Barred
– Grizzly Barr

So? You happy?


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