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Teddy Bridgewater’s Poor Pro Day Makes Him Perfect Fit for Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater Vikings

As NFL teams prepare for May's draft weekend, potential draftees go through the rigors of being put on display for numerous suitors. From the NFL Combine to college Pro Days, several potential draft picks will have eyes on them during different points of their preparations. Many of these players are taking interviews that will dictate the next phase of their career, all without having played an actual game of football in many months. For several of these players, it's an opportunity to shine, while for many others, the layoff may have had negative affects on their potential draft positioning. 

That includes quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville, a potential number one NFL draft pick. His Pro Day was Monday of this week, and reports indicated he struggled with his accuracy. This had the potential to drop him from a number one NFL draft pick to later in the first round, losing out on potentially millions of dollars. 

It also has the potential to make him the perfect Minnesota Vikings franchise quarterback. 

Teddy Bridgewater Vikings

Since the very first mock drafts, mock draft prognosticators have indicated Teddy Bridgewater would be one of the top picks in the draft. His final year at Louisville was a dynamic one, where he put up almost 4,000 yards passing, 31 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and a completion percentage over 70%. These type of numbers, combined with is dynamic size of 6'3" and near 200 lbs, makes him an exciting prospect for teams looking to vastly improve through the draft, much like the Vikings.

But Bridgewater had always been considered too talented, too coveted among NFL teams to drop out of the top three draft spots. Yet after his inaccurate Pro Day, it appears his favor has lessened, bringing great news to the Vikings. Speculation has already begun that Bridgewater may drop to the Vikings at number eight, providing them the opportunity to draft a new, franchise defining, inaccurate quarterback to move forward with. 

"It's the perfect situation for the Vikings" said a super secret source. "They won't have to use additional resources to trade up in the draft, and they get the franchise quarterback that best fits their team; an inaccurate, system QB. It'll be just like Christian Ponder all over again, which should make Vikings fans feel pretty comfortable about the transition, at least."

Bridgewater's inaccuracies will work wonders with great route runners like Greg Jennings, who is a fan of running precise slant and timing routes. Same thing with young star Cordarrelle Patterson, who could use the steady hand of a veteran quarterback to guide his own development. Pairing with Bridgewater will assure Vikings fans that Patterson's immense talent will largely go to waste, much as it did with other great receivers who have filtered through the state. 

"It's not every day a team built for disappointment gets the most potentially disappointing and inaccurate quarterback in a draft" said our source. "But that's pretty much exactly what it looks like will happen with the Vikings, who couldn't be more excited. It truly will be a 'Spielman' draft."


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