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Shocking News: John Carlson Getting Released, Probably

John Carlson Vikings

WHOA WAIT WHAT? Fan favorite tight end John Carlson is going to be released by the Minnesota Vikings? INCONCEIVABLE!

Or, wait, no, I mean the exact opposite of all of this. It's totally conceivable, probably expected, surprising that it didn't happen sooner, and what the hell, why did this even happen in the first place, RICK SPIELMAN?

In case you have forgotten, John Carlson was signed by the Vikings before the 2012 season, and he was going to pair with Kyle Rudolph and they were going to be a total bad ass tight end tandem ala murderers row in New England with Alex Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. I think it's safe to say things didn't quite turn out like that.

First, we never had a quarterback that could stretch the field with a good tight end in Kyle Rudolph, let alone a not-very good tight end in John Carlson. Second, uh … John Carlson wasn't really that good? Or, at least, he wasn't good enough to justify the contract that the Vikings decided to give him in 2012.

Carlson played four years in Seattle and put up … meh … numbers. In both of his first two years he had over 50 receptions each, and over 550 yards, recording five and seven touchdowns respectively. Not bad for a two year player! What a stud! Then he kind of fell off the map, suffering a concussion in Seattle and fighting through injuries with the Vikings. Surprised he had injuries with the Vikings? You shouldn't be! Because he spent all of 2011 injured in his final year in Seattle.

Does that sounds like a guy who deserves a five year, $25 million dollar contract? Because that's what he got from Rick Spielman. Now, on one hand, it's enticing to look at Carlson's first two years and think of how good he'd be if he would ever get back to that level. But coming off an injury year? Giving a guy a five year contract? What the hell is wrong with you? Are we surprised that two years and one contract restructuring deal later he's going to be cut? We probably shouldn't be.

Instead, we'll just all shrug and say we saw it coming, while reviewing the tight ends on the roster that Doctor Norv now has to work with. That of course includes Rudolph, Rhett Ellison (who's more of an H-Back), and Chase Ford, who I totally thought was a left tackle for a super long time. Soooo …

We're drafting a tight end?


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