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Seth Rogen is the Best Vikings Fan, Doesn’t Know Aaron Rodgers

Seth Rogen is a pretty decent comedian and actor, if you’re into his sort of humor. He’s been in classic comedies like the show “Freaks & Geeks”, he was in the underrated and short lived “Undeclared”, and has really hit the spot light starring in popular comedy movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up”, and “This is the End.”

Really, he’s done a lot to endear himself to a generation of slackers, pot heads, goof balls, and whoever else. But he’s done nothing as impressive to endear himself to Vikings fans as he has in this video where he totally has no idea who Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers is.

Couple bullet-point-list-items from the video:

  • Is the joke that Seth Rogen is working out? Because that’s funny in and of itself.
  • Zach Efron would GET IT if I was 17 year old girl, or gay 30 year old man, or maybe even I was just myself and wanted to experiment in college … But “one of the best quarterbacks ever”? Go f*ck yourself, Efron.
  • Is it really THAT ridiculous to confuse Peyton Manning for Aaron Rodgers? Brother being Eli, and all? “Oh, a good quarterback. You’re probably one of four people in the NFL.” Good try.
  • Aaron Rodgers watches Dawson’s Creek. Not something you should probably admit so freely.
  • I’m going to mentally tell Aaron Rodgers to “break a leg” before every game this year. LOL!
  • Nothing makes me want to punch assholes in the face more than this picture:

aaron rodgers zach efron

I wish football was being played again so I could be angry more often at people I have never met.


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