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Seattle Seahawks Excited About New Potential Receiver Greg Childs

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Despite his proclamation earlier in the week that he was feeling well and ready to make an amazing comeback to the NFL after a two year hiatus, the Minnesota Vikings announced on Thursday that they had decided to release wide receiver Greg Childs. Perhaps not surprising, after he suffered dual patellar tendon knee injuries at the end of his rookie training camp, and never otherwise saw the field for the team, it is still a blow to a young man looking for a break in achieving his NFL dream.

Well. Lucky for him, there is an NFL team out there that must just be chomping at the bit to sign him off the streets: The Seattle Seahawks.

At just the young age of 23, and thanks to possessing fair size for an NFL wide receiver (6'3" and 219 lbs), Childs is poised to become a Super Bowl winning wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks. No, he hasn't officially been signed by the Seahawks yet, but all indications are it will just be a matter of time.

Childs looks to be following in the foot steps of other dynamic, former Minnesota Vikings receivers who have injured themselves significantly and have gone on to not only under perform with another team – specifically the Seattle Seahawks – but they also earn a pay check often times on their way out of the NFL all together. Names such as Nate Burleson and Sidney Rice come to mind in particular, and even Percy Harvin with his single game appearance during the Seahawks Super Bowl run. Clearly, Childs is poised to join great company with his new potential team.

Naturally, Childs could not be reached for a comment, and there haven't been any parties who have confirmed this rumor to be true as of yet. But sources (myself) indicate Childs is poised to receive a 5 year contract, worth a total of $75 millions dollars, with at least $20 millions guaranteed. He likely will not see all of that money, as he is a great candidate to be cut by the Seahawks by his 25th birthday, after playing in two games over the next two years. Still, that's not a bad pay increase for a man who has yet to take a snap in the NFL, and is a great way for a franchise like the Seahawks to blow through some more money.

We wish Greg Childs all the best in watching a Super Bowl victory in sweat pants next to Percy Harvin next year.


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