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Roster Moves: Vikings Re-Sign Matt Cassel

Matt Cassel's Wife

OH THANK GOD. Did you ever really think you'd be saying that about Matt Cassel? Me neither.


Vikings fans breathed a sigh of relief last Friday as it was announced that Matt Cassel re-signed with the Vikings. It sounds like the deal is for two years, $10 million, with something like $4.5 million guaranteed. So, opting out of his former contract was a smart move, as he was previously due $3.7 million. What is this guy, the Wolf of Wall Street?

The move returned Cassel to the team, and made the quarterback competition on the squad boil down (so far) to Cassel and Christian Ponder. It's a sigh of relief, because for a while there it looked like the only quarterback on the roster was going to be Ponder, and oh God, what would we have done to deserve this? Luckily, Cassel came to his senses, realized we'd pay him desperate money, and that his "competition" would be in name only.

This of course also means his wife sticks around for another two years, which is AWESOME news. Can't wait for her to attend training camp in Mankato in shorts.


Every True Detective could have told you in one episode that the Vikings biggest issue on offense going in to 2014 was at quarterback. Last year was a disaster because Frazier had no option but to see once and for all what he had in Ponder at the position, which turned out to be a diaper pail. The new coaching staff has no ties to either, really, and will likely let the better performer play when it comes to starting the season. This means Cassel has a legitimate chance to start, and that the offense has a legitimate chance to stop sucking so much because Cassel will be slinging the rock around (potentially) instead of Ponder.

Even though the team averaged more points per game when Ponder started ……..


The Cassel signing addresses any IMMEDIATE needs at quarterback. The team can head into the draft now and not feel handcuffed in having to select a quarterback with their 8th pick in the first round. Would it be the worst case scenario if you started Cassel/Ponder in 2014, drafted a second or third round guy this year, and then let him develop? Sure, we say that's the plan every year, and it usually is, and then it never really pans out that way. Regardless, we were all aware that the offense wasn't necessarily the biggest problem last year, so even just having some kind of stability there should make things better.


Overall, I thought this was a pretty good move. I have no idea if this is too much money for a guy like Cassel, or if we gave him another opt-out clause after this year, or what, and I know having a totally new coaching staff in doesn't really help either quarterback out as being a veteran guy that knows the system, since the last system was broken like our team dreams and cast into the void of time, but still. There has been some continuity on this team for a while now, and having a quarterback who went 3-3 instead of 2-6-1 as your starter will make people feel a bit better.

Also, this means Cassel will be back around next November to show off his killer mustache again. I know, I know. Grab your arm rests tight ladies, I don't want you sliding off your chair.

Matt Casel Mustache


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