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Ron Jaworski Ranks Vikings Back Up QB as Worst NFL Starter

How about this for “journalism” these days, huh?!

Highly respected NFL media member and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski has started releasing his 2014 starting NFL quarterback rankings. In doing so, it is suppose to act as an “insider’s” peak into the talent levels of the NFL clubs. Quarterback is of course a very important position on an NFL team, and most teams only go as far as their quarterbacks will take them. So, of course, having the best quarterback in the league means you’re probably pretty likely to be competing for a divisional title, as well as a playoff spot. Having the worst quarterback in the league? You may not be a very good team.

But get this. When Ron Jaworski went and started ranking ALL of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks, he really screwed up when he got to the Vikings:

See that there? Right at the top there. It says “Matt Cassel.” Well, Matt Cassel IS on the Minnesota Vikings as a quarterback, and that number 32 next to his does DOES indicate that Ron Jaworski thinks Cassel is the 32nd best/worst starting quarterback in the league in 2014, but I got bad news for our Jaworski friend and ESPN … Cassel isn’t the starter of the Minnesota Vikings. No chance. That is this guy:

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And if you think it’s going to be anything different, you kidding yourself. Or maybe I am. But no one actually cares if Cassel is ranked or not 9 days away from training camp. All that matters is that Teddy Bridgewater is going to throw a football down your mother’s hallway and then buy her a Cadillac to make her blush afterwards, and take us to the promised land. As a starting quarterback.

Pfft. Matt Cassel? Maybe in the NFL’s Porn ‘Stache league.


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