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PJD’s Preseason Week 4 Recap: The Perfect Finishers

How about this little stat to wrap up the preseason?

SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A PLAYOFF CHANCE. Hey, if the official Minnesota Vikings twitter account tweeted this out, you know it’s true. Or, in other words, f*ck your 4-12 regular season prediction, ESPN. You guys are assholes.



If I wasn’t a dick I would be handing this weekly award off to Joe Banyard, who was the workhorse for the Vikings last night, racking up 111 yards on 18 carries. But, I am a dick, and who the hell cares. Joe Banyard isn’t making the regular season roster, Teddy Bridgewater is. Listen, Bridgewater is your Stamp of Approval winner because all he’s done all preseason long is look like a complete stud, and play like a veteran. Matt Cassel, this starting job is yours for right now, but you’re fooling yourself if you think you hold on to it longer than four weeks. This is Teddy Bridgewater’s world now, we’re all just swooning in it.

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Writing game recaps for the year’s fourth preseason game on a school night ain’t really my thing. So instead of writing things in a way that will make sense, I’m just giving us some talking points tonight:

– Would you have ever thought that Allen Reisner would be a legit contender to make the team? Little Iowa bastard. He’s looked just as good – if not better – than both Chase Ford and Rhett Ellison. Good for that little guy.

– Adam Thielen is making this team, too, isn’t he? He had a hip injury during the game, with no word yet as to how serious, but let’s say it’s just a stinger. He hangs on, doesn’t he?

– Mike Zimmer most definitely looks the part of a bad ass coach standing in the rain looking pissed. Could you imagine Leslie Frazier’s face in similar conditions? Squinting and looking confused, like all the rest of the time?

– Audie Cole needs to wrap people up with his arms more, but he’s also shown he’s a plenty solid linebacker and I’m going to be kind of surprised if he’s not the number one middle linebacker come next week. Kind of. At the very least, he has to be the 4th linebacker we consistently see rotated onto the field.

– Are the Titans really that awful? I’m glad I didn’t draft any of their guys in fantasy football. Yikes.

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Poor little Christian.
Close your eyes and I promise,
It will all end soon.

Well, that was a fun preseason. Now forget it. Anytime people go 4-0 in the preseason, all I can think of is the Detroit Lions who subsequently went 0-16, and it gives me chills. So let’s pretend this didn’t happen, and go play for keeps next week. I’M SO EXCITED!!


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