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Packers Trolling Hits New Levels of Amazing

Remember how angry Packer fans got when Brett Favre wore purple and beat the living organs out of their team? It was amazing, and it was trolling of epic proportions, even though I frowned upon the entire endeavor. Regardless, imagine what that would look like NOW, five years later, but with Aaron Rodgers.

Some sick mastermind on Reddit, for some unholy reason, went ahead with this idea of ultimate trolling of Packer fans and ordered a “Rodgers” number 12 jersey in purple. The result is what you see here, in all it’s glory:

full aaron rodgers vikings jersey

It’s both beautiful and terrifying all at once, and raises many questions:

  1. Would you ever really feel comfortable spending that much money to personalize a Vikings jersey to say “Rodgers” on the back just to troll Packer fans? If yes, then you are awesome.
  2. What would Packer fans responses be? The typical “You wish you had a quarterback that good!” or “Keep dreaming, ViQueens!” type of responses?
  3. If so, those are clearly just calls of terror, right? That type of defense mechanism is basically just Packer fans screaming “OH GOD, I CAN’T UNSEE THIS NIGHTMARE!”
  4. How often would this come in handy, though? I mean, you could wear it to a Packers/Vikings game, certainly, but also to a college party in Madison, or Halloween, even. Hell, walking around a Cub Foods in Minnesota on a Wednesday in July wearing this would get you tons of gasps and high fives, all at once.
  5. Would this jersey be so confusing that it would melt faces like the Raiders of the Lost Ark? The mixed messages being sent as Packer fans try to process what they are seeing would undoubtedly break their brains, right?
  6. Am I crazy to think that this is just some crazy foresight? Or does the inevitable Hall of Fame career of Teddy Bridgewater make the signing of Aaron Rodgers to the Vikings in 10 years obsolete? One can only hope.

Either way, if you ever see this guy walking the streets in the near future, give him a high five. The dude must have some massive balls to pull something like this off, and definitely deserves the cheers. Epic trolling, Reddit bro, you’ve done me proud.


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