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OMG, Adrian Peterson Really IS the Wolverine!

Remember when Adrian Peterson first learned about the Wolverine from Matt Kalil in the training room? Peterson learned about Logan’s healing factor, how he can come back from injury like no other and still be as fierce, if not fiercer. Adrian liked that idea so much that he made a custom Vikings “Wolverine” jersey, and a special Wolverine hair helmet. He even called up Hugh Jackman and freaked him out!

At the time, I figured it was just a one-off infatuation with Weapon X, but if you saw the photos from the Vikings move-in day during training camp, you realized this appreciation for Captain Canada has grown MUCH deeper … See for yourself …

adrian peterson wolverine costume 001

Uh, what’s the big deal, right? That’s just a guy wearing a wolf(erine?) mask and Wolverine toy claws, right? What does this have to do with Adrian Peterson? WHY ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME??!

adrian peterson wolverine costume 002


Under that mask was Peterson himself, taking this love for Logan-san even further. Toy claws? A mask? This is getting a little creepy, Purple Jesus. Don’t you think you need to key it back a bit? I mean, Wolverine isn’t even a real person. He’s a fictional character from Marvel comic books. It’s not like HE could ever like YOU as much … Could he? …

wolverine adrian peterson



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