minnesota vikings timberwolves logo

Minnesota Vikings-Wolves Logo is Super Depressing

What’s worse than following a local team with the worst winning percentage over the last three years? How about following a local team that combines two of the worst local teams with awful winning percentages over the last three years?

That’s what we get from this collection of NFL and NBA logo mock ups posted by an Imgur account called “RebelNutt18.” He took the idea of mixing together top elements from local and most popular city and state NFL and NBA teams to create these logo abominations.

In some cases, the mixing and matching isn’t too bad! There’s a Dallas Mavs-Boys one, that combines two historic and/or solid franchises of late into one logo that looks pretty good. The Boston Patriots one is obviously a marriage of two great franchises as well, even if the logo itself is terrifying. But hey, that’s a franchise I could cheer for! Imagine all those wins, all that glory! Sure, a team overwhelmed with butthole fans, but so many championships! It’d be amazing! … So, how about a Vikings and Timberwolves franchise mash up?

veep shot in the face

Just end me now. That would be the worst god damn thing in the entire history of the planet. Kevin Garnett and Randy Moss. That’s all you could be proud of from that team.

Anyway. The other NFC North mash up logos are below. The Detroit one is awful because that Pistons logo just sucks. The Green Bay Bucks is horrifying because of those yellow eyes. And the Chicago Burrs just seems like a cop out. TYPICAL.

packers bucs logo

minnesota vikings timberwolves logo

lions pistons logo

bulls bears logo


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