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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Gets Sexy at 2014 Pro Bowl

2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

Holy shit, did you know the Pro Bowl is this weekend? No, really. No, I mean I’m really asking that. I didn’t. I honestly thought it was still after the Super Bowl for some reason. Certainly, I’ve seen the poop that has been shoved down our raw throats by the NFL this year of how the new “cool” Pro Bowl is going to be like REAL fantasy football (So … football?) with no AFC and NFC split like normal, but all selected players “drafted” by greats like Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders and holy shit, no one cares.

The Pro Bowl is dumb, especially since they now play it BEFORE the Super Bowl, which theoretically eliminates many of the best players from actually playing in a game that is suppose to feature the best players. Also, there’s no tackling, and it’s full of lies. Remember how Kyle Rudolph won MVP last year? Yeah, well, he got injured this year, so those results clearly didn’t translate. LIES, NFL, ALL LIES!!!

The one good thing about the NFL? NFL Cheerleaders in Hawaii, of course.

This year, 5 year Vikings cheerleader veteran Pam gets to go join her brethren in Hawaii as the official Vikings cheerleader representative at the Pro Bowl. Last year Melissa went, and she did us proud by looking more attractive than the girl from the Bengals (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Will Pam make us just as proud? Well, if these pictures are any indication which she’s been sharing on the Twitter account she’s taken over at the Pro Bowl, then yes. Yes, she’ll do just fine. Of course, the next question is naturally, “Where are all the shirtless men?”

Pam Vikings Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Vikings cheerleader

Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

Vikings cheerleader in hawaii

Cheerleaders in bikinis

Pam Vikings Cheerleader

Click the pictures to “make it bigger.” You know what I mean! *wink!*

Cheer on Pam! Congratulations on getting out of the Polar Vortex. I’m jealous.


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