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Minnesota Nice or Not When Jared Allen Returns?

When the 2013 season ended, it was pretty apparent that the Minnesota Vikings were not interested in paying Jared Allen a high dollar amount to retain his services. And that’s fine. He’s an older guy, his production has been tapering off over the last couple of years, and the defense needed to get younger, not older. Letting Allen walk was a mutual decision that was probably for the best.


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When Jared Allen signed with the Chicago Bears, it raised the question for Vikings fans; are you going to boo his treacherous ass when he comes back to play the Vikings, or are you going to cheer for him?

On one hand, Jared Allen is expecting the boos. He understands how this works. A guy who played six years in Minnesota may leave, we all understand that. And the organization may even have kicked him out, more or less, instead of him deciding to leave of his own volition. So can you really blame him? I mean, you CAN when he says he wants a chance to win a Super Bowl, and then signs with the Bears instead of the Broncos or Seahawks. Right? I mean, that’s a crazy choice to make. So crazy that there was only one thing that could probably have swayed his opinion, right? Like … Money?

Hey, I don’t care if NFL players make billions. It’s not my money, and I’m not dumb enough to dole out tons of cash on tickets and merchandise every year. I’m not a potato. So if Jared Allen wants to just make money and doesn’t REALLY care about a Super Bowl win, fine, just say that. Don’t just sign with the Bears and be like, “Oh yeah, totally, Jay Cutler is a healthy quarterback that only has his best years in front of him and can win a Super Bowl”, because then you’re just a liar, and you DESERVE to be booed at that point.

Jared Allen Sportsnation pollBut Minnesotans are weird. They quickly lapped up the urine dribble from Brett Favre’s mobile cock shots like they didn’t just spend decades hating his stupid face. They apparently are ready to do the same thing with Jared Allen, as this recent SportsNation poll indicates. Seriously, the majority of EVERY other voter in EVERY other state AND internationally ALL agree that they’d be very upset if – in so many words – one of their favorite players signed with a rival team. Vikings fans? NOT UPSET.

Is it because we understand the situation better? That this wasn’t necessarily Allen’s call, but the teams? That they just loved cheering for Jared Allen anyway, and will continue to do so wherever he plays? Or maybe Vikings fans realize it doesn’t matter if Jared Allen plays with their team or against, because we can’t get to a Super Bowl as long as Christian Ponder is on the team? Who knows. I guess we’ll find out the REAL answer when Allen wears a Bears jersey and beats us in TCF Bank Stadium next year.

We’ll see how people react when he’s calf roping our asses.


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