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Mike Zimmer Gets Advice From Some Young Guys

Mike Zimmer and Bud Grant

So far, the "Mike Zimmer" era in Minnesota has been pleasant. There hasn't been anyone with stupid play calling, total defensive collapses, no terrible draft picks, stuff like that. Of course, Zimmer hasn't actually had the CHANCE to do anything for the Vikings yet, but that hardly matters. You can already tell that head coach Mike Zimmer is probably a better coach than the last two (last three?) wet socks that walked through the door, and I'm a fan of that.

So everything has been great so far. No hiccups. Except for maybe the picture above. Why is Mike Zimmer looking for advice from these two totally random Vikings fan-guys younger than him?

Look I'm not saying Mike Zimmer is OLD or anything. Far from it. I mean, he's not the youngest head coach in the league or anything, but being young doesn't automatically mean innovation or success. Zimmer is in his twilight years, a vibrant 57 years old (58 this year, but we're splitting hairs now), and certainly has the experience to coach the team.

But when you look at this picture, boy, Zimmer is CLEARLY the oldest guy in that room, and probably the oldest guy associated with the franchise at this point! I'm not saying you're dead at 57 or anything, but you definitely are getting up there. I mean, Zimmer has more wrinkles than both of the totally unknowns surrounding him. And he has the second least amount of hair between them all, too! Look at that guy on the left, what is this, a Tresemme ad? Fantastic!

And look at the clothing styles. A hooded sweat shirt? Zimmer is most definitely wearing sweat pants just out of the picture too, and probably Velcro shoes. Orthopedic ones at that. And why is that a big deal? Because look at these other two, totally random and stylish guys. Dude on the right is a total hipster, wearing a flannel button up which is SO IN right now. Guy on the right? Fancy ass fleece and a killer purple Vikings jacket? What a boss. That's something I want in my collection.

Either way, I just hope they gave him some good draft advice so Zimmer can turn this team around before he dies. Poor old man. :-(


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