greg childs 2014

Is Greg Childs on His Way Back?

Greg Childs 2014

In the fourth round of the 2012 draft, the Minnesota Vikings drafted a tall-ass dude out of Arkansas called Greg Childs. He looked like he had some pretty decent potential as a piece to add to the Vikings offense. Tall, decent speed good weight and strength. And then he tore up both of his knees in training camp and we only saw his opposite-twin Jarius Wright for the next two years. It's been weird, to say the least.

But now, it sounds like Greg Childs may be BACK, baby, and we wonder just how boss that will be.

Greg Childs Returns

Last Friday, Childs tweeted out to the world that he's back, in some form or another, and that everyone who has been sleeping on him (on top of? To the side? Ignoring? Be clear, Childs!) needs to wake up. I don't think that's particularly fair, as anyone who has been sleeping on him hasn't exactly been disrespectful here or anything, they've just looked at the situation and said "Here's a guy who tore both patellar tendons in his two knees, after he had already torn a tendon in one of his knees just as recently as 2010. To say "Greg Childs may be injury prone" is like saying "Percy Harvin likes to smoke a ton of weed and gets headaches." No kidding, man.

But let's do as Childs says and stop sleeping on him … Er … Stop not talking about him. I'm not sleeping with him. What if Childs came back to the Vikings in 2014? What does that mean?

Well, as things stand now, he'd be an interesting add to the roster. I keep thinking Childs would be an awesome tall threat to add to the roster, but at 6'3" he's just as tall as Cordarrelle Patterson (also 6'3") and shorter than both Rodney Smith (6'6"!) and quarterbackSLASHwidereciever Joe Webb, who is 6'4". So Childs as a red zone threat doesn't really get me excited. If anything, Childs seems a bit redundant with Patterson now on the roster. Patterson is faster, shiftier, and just as tall, but he is more expensive, although, obviously worth the money.

The way the Vikings could go here is they could let Joe Webb walk in free agency (he's a free agent, right?), as well as Jerome Simpson, then let Greg Childs work his shirtless body into one of their former roles on the roster, and then draft a new receiver sometime in this year's NFL Draft. That would let the team go cheaper at the position while not losing out on much talent. Then you'd be looking at a WR core of Patterson, Jennings, Wright, Childs, and some dude like Rodney Smith, Adam Thielen, random rookie or training camp body, both of which I'd be fine with. Either way, not too bad.

In the end, IF Greg Childs is truly ready to come back (and we hope he is) it will be nice to see what he finally has to offer to this team. Besides swollen pectoral muscles.

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