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If the Minnesota Vikings Were from Star Wars

Star Wars NFC North

What if the NFL was played in the Star Wars universe?, no one started asking themselves until they saw this guy redesign NFL team helmets into Star Wars universe references. Well, one guy at Deviant Art (uxorious) did just that, and if you are a Star Wars AND an NFL fan, you'll probably enjoy it.

HOWEVER. If you are only a Star Wars fan in passing, much of these references will likely be lost on you. Don't fear though! My huge nerd boner is here to assist you in reviewing the four NFC North Star Wars teams, and rate each on how nerdy they are, how well they fit with the team, and whatever else I deem necessary.

Let's push up those glasses, nerds!

Minnesota Vikings – Shili Togrutas

First things first, let's break down this Minnesota Vikings logo redesign. The "Shili Togrutas" reference is a great one for the Vikings, and apt too, on numerous levels. First, the Togrutas are a race of species from Shili, who have head tails similar to Twi'leks from the Star Wars universe. Twi'leks are like Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett's hand dude in Return of the Jedi, who had tails from his head. Think of it that way. The Togrutas have become popular recently, too, as several become Jedi Masters or students in the Star Wars universe. The popular The Clone Wars cartoon series in fact had a lead character in Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta herself. Of course, most of the MOST popular Togrutas are females, which is also apt for how the Vikings have played recently … Sooo …. Shit.

GRADE: B- … Love the horn/head tail incorporation and the classic Vikings head logo. Minus one notch for obscurity.

Packers Star Wars Helmet

Green Bay Packers – Nal Hutta Hutts

Holy shit, this couldn't be any more perfect. Maybe Packer fans will want to spin being associated with fat space slug mobsters as a sign of their winning ways, but it's pretty hard to deny that fat space slugs are also fat, and slugs, and could you think of a better character in Star Wars to represent Packer fans than Jabba the Hutt? It's perfect. Unless they went with a Dug like Sebulba, but that's a reach. I also love the classic "G" logo on the helmet being molested into a fat turd. I couldn't have done better myself.

GRADE: A+ … A perfect dig at the perfect fat ass franchise.

Lions Star Wars Helmet

Detroit Lions – Dathomir Rancors

At first, I'm sure Lions fans are seeing their team associated with the fearsome monstrosity from Jabba's pit, the Rancor, and are pretty ecstatic about it. "Finally! We're tough!" Well, not only are the Rancors a perfect beast to pair with Lions, but it's also a funny joke on them. See, in the Star Wars "Expanded Universe" (Shoots self for knowing this) it is revealed that the Rancors are actually domesticated beasts from the planet Dathomir, a planet Han Solo wins in a bet to try and convince Princess Leia to marry him over Prince Isolder. It's a good book. However, the Rancors are kind of made out to be like dogs, which at that point isn't nearly as scary as Lions. So? Aptly appropriate.

GRADE: Solid B … Good design, nice universe pairing, subtle dig.

Bears Star Wars Helmet

Chicago Bears – Hoth Wampas

What do you pick from the Star Wars universe to pair with the Chicago Bears? How about a one-armed furry beast from an ice planet that scares people, but shows little bite? Also, the one armed Wampa Luke Skywalker destroys in The Empire Strikes Back is pretty much the Jay Cutler of Star Wars, right? One armed disappointment that gets so close to winning but then fails? Classic Cutler. Also, I guess Wampas are like Star Wars bears, or Abominable Snowmen or something, so this works.

GRADE: C+ … A nice pairing, but not as inspired as the others.

Anyway, check out all the other Star Wars NFL helmets out there. If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll love them. Even if you're not, you'll probably still appreciate the Yoda Eagles one. Never win, will you. Hahaha, Star Wars.


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