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How About This Minnesota Vikings Jersey Redesign?

Vikings uniform redesign

Wait, didn't we just do this? Yes, the Minnesota Vikings DID just redesign their uniforms last year, but I think we all agree it was a bit of a missed opportunity. What, sails as the shoulder stripes? Awful. Could the uniform, once again, maybe as soon as the new stadium is ready to go with another new uniform, be redesigned again? MAYBE! Probably not.

But just in case, I found another Vikings redesign for us to scrutinize like nerds. Is it based on an even older design? YES! Is it something I would ever truly consider for the team? NO! But will those small truths stop of from our idiocy? OF COURSE NOT!

Vikings new uniform design

The design we're looking at today comes courtesy of some dude called Bowen Hobb's Photobucket account. Sound creepy that we're just scanning Photobucket accounts? Listen, it's not like that, we were looking for boobs, I swear.

Either way, Hobb's took a stab at redesigning much of the NFL's look through a series of designs he did. Personally, I really like what he did with the Chargers, Eagles, and Jets. I guess I'm just a sucker for that Kelly Green color. Even so, these designs are clearly pretty old. Asante Samuels on the Eagles? Oooookkaaayy … Which gets us to the Vikings redesign.

Largely, it's based on the old Childress-era uniform which we all hate. The ugly horn/stripes on the shoulders, the asymmetrical "stripe" down the leg, side jersey piping, it's all ugly and stupid. That original design is largely incorporated here, and … If there are actually any changes … Mr. Hobb's didn't help anything.

However, I willingly admit that I am intrigued by this "cream" option that's included. You can see the color I'm referencing a little bit clearer in this logo touch up, where it becomes the fourth team color. There's something about it that screams "old parchment paper" or "vintage" or "old house insulation" or something, and I kind of like it. It's like I'm watching football being played under a sepia tone. It's kind of cool.

Is it cool enough to ever happen? No. The NFL rules demand that you only have like three official colors, and this cream color probably isn't bold enough to give Roger Goodell enough of a chub. But, let's say, someone made a t-shirt or sweatshirt that had the Vikings logo on it and the shirt was mostly this cream color? I'd probably wear it. It'd be cool enough for me.

Anyway. We can always dream. Until Zimmer screws everything up and we have to start all over again.


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