Do The Minnesota Vikings Hate Old People?

Former Minnesota Vikings great defensive tackle, Kevin Williams, made some radio rounds this week when he appeared on Sirius CM’s NFL Channel Tuesday. The former stalwart in the middle of the Vikings defense has yet to find a new home for himself after the new Mike Zimmer-led coaching staff let him go heading into the 2014 season. In doing so, they felt compelled to free up their now gaping maw in the interior defense and signed a couple of different, YOUNGER, players to try and fill the role Kevin Williams played.

Which makes you wonder, do the Vikings just hate old people?

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Ever since Rick Spielman has been around, he’s been pushing the Vikings to get younger and younger. He was reluctant to bring in Donovan McNabb (In retrospect, for good reason, but still) during Leslie Frazier’s first full year as head coach, and likely has been the driving force of exploring trades for an aging Adrian Peterson this off-season. He also was the one to cut Antoine Winfield, let Jared Allen walk, and punched his own grandma. And for what? To get worse as a football team and a human being?

The team follows in Rick’s footsteps, and we now see that this is a team that clearly hates old people. Despises them, even. Maybe is even racist to old people! And I can’t figure out why. Is it because those players are too expensive? Maybe, but Williams could be had for a bucket of State Fair cheese curds right now. Maybe their talent is waning? Possibly. But I’d have a hard time believing Antoine Winfield was worse than Chris Cook last year. Is Rick just looking to get fired? Let’s hope so!

At this point, welcoming Kevin Williams back to the team would be great for everyone. There is apparently concern that, at age 33, Kevin Williams is too old to continue to play defensive line. Never mind the fact that his mentor and former teammate, Pat Williams, was like 47 when he played his final year. Never mind the fact that Williams has only missed five (5!) games in his 11 year NFL career, of which he’s started every single other contest. Never mind the fact that despite visiting the Patriots, Giants, and Seahawks, he’s still on the market and would be open to returning to the Vikings.

I say sign him at a reduced rate, limit his snaps, make sure he understands his mentor role, and keep him a Viking. Williams may be the last chance we have of seeing a modern day player play out his career in purple. Especially considering we all know Rick Spielman is going to screw us out of that chance with Adrian Peterson. I sure wish Rick Spielman didn’t hate old people so much.


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