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Did Kevin Williams Die in the Vikings Eyes?

Literally the day I posted an article about how the Minnesota Vikings had reached out to their former defensive tackle, Kevin Williams, to possibly re-sign with them, he pretty much announced he was going to sign with the Seattle Seahawks instead. And I ended up looking like a dog’s butthole.

However, what’s worse; looking like a dog’s butthole or looking like you just killed one of your former players for signing with another team on social media?

Because that’s what the Vikings did on Wednesday where they posted the above picture of Kevin Williams to their Facebook page, thanking him for his time as a Viking. The provided a link to the following quote from Rick Spielman, waxing poetics about Kevin Williams as well:

“Kevin Williams earned a place in Vikings history and continued the proud tradition of great defensive linemen to wear purple. Kevin’s work ethic, humility and team-first approach is a model for younger players. A 6-time Pro Bowler and 5-time 1st-Team All-Pro, Kevin was honored as an NFL All-Decade player for the 2000s along with a spot on the 50 Greatest Vikings squad. We wish him the best and will always count him as a member of the Vikings family.”

Now tell me that doesn’t read like a eulogy.

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If anything, Kevin Williams signing with Seattle is more a rebirth, rather than a Vikings death. He has a chance at a Super Bowl, instead of another season watching Christian Ponder throw popcorn puffs to defenders.

But my god, the dude didn’t die. He just signed with another team. You don’t create a photoshopped image with a fade-to-white background for a guy that just left the team. I mean, we didn’t do this with Jared Allen, and – while he of course wasn’t a life long Vikings – he probably was just as loved and had just as big of an impact. Or what about Randy Moss? Or Daunte Culpepper? Or Chris Cook?! Play fair, Vikings, and wish them all a good death, or don’t play at all!

Franchises are weird, man, especially this one.


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