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Corey Wootton Comes Full Circle, Signs With Vikings

Corey Wootton Vikings

You may have heard that the Minnesota Vikings signed former Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton to a one-year contract on Thursday. You may have read through that and been pleased on several levels. First, Wootton's contract is a one-year, "prove it" type contract with small investment, but potentially good pay-back for the team. It also adds some needed depth to the defensive line, as Wootton is listed as being able to play both the defensive end and defensive tackle position, depending on the play schemes. He's also a younger guy, 26 years old and a four-year veteran who has flashed some potential, which fits the bill for the type of players new coach Mike Zimmer has wanted to bring in.

But most importantly, Corey Wootton is the guy who ended Brett Favre's career, and for that we should welcome him with open arms.

Corey Wootton

Let's be honest here. Any Vikings fans who were happy with the Brett Favre signing (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PEOPLE) are some weird, twisted, and sick people. Sure, he helped the franchise deliver on their greatest season in recent memory, but you were all willing to let Packer fans use the "You had to use our washed up, ball flashing, former QB to do it?" trump card so easily? It's disgusting. You so easily forget how big of a shit head Favre was when he was with the Packers, beating our faces in, getting prostate tickled by the media, and generally making everything from Wisconsin insufferable. AND YOU WELCOMED HIM HERE WITH OPEN ARMS. Disgusting.

So, you have one chance now. You can offer that same olive branch to Mr. Wootton. A former player from a division rival, defecting to wear purple, you can welcome him with open arms as well, maybe even buy his jersey, and we'll call it even. We'll call you cheering for one of Wootton's four sacks this year a wiping of the slate for when you slathered over Brett Favre dongers. We'll call your support of the guy who concussed Brett Favre SO HARD on the cold, winter field of TCF Bank stadium one evening that it ENDED HIS CAREER a redeeming moment in your life, forgiving you for your sins and welcoming you back into the church of Purple Jesus. We are a forgiving lot, after all.

And for those who always felt dirty cheering for Favre? Well, we were getting through the pearly uprights after death anyway, so we'll cheer for Wootton anyway, and still be happy with this signing and in the after life. Hope to see you there! Traitors.

Yes I'm still bitter.


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