metrodome trough

Buy a Vikings Pot to Piss In

Remember those classy and classic stainless steel metal troughs that drunken, fat, male Vikings fans would rub shoulders next to while they relieved themselves of stale beer and bitched about how the Packers were once again kicking the snot out of us?

Well now you can own one of those memories for your home! That’s right, bidding is still open to purchase a hunk of metal that people would literally pee on. You are bidding – paying real money – for the rights to own something people defecated into. Interested?!

Buying a Metrodome chair was one thing. It’s weird, you’ll never really use it (it was never comfortable), but I guess I kind of get the sentimentality. Other people would steal signs from the Metrodome that had section numbers, or other stadium reminders, that if you added them as “art” in your home, I’d probably want to arson the hell out of you. Even so, there’s a non-gross piece of history for the Vikings that I think is ridiculous, but I could see how some people would be interested in them.

metrodome pee stall

But a metal trough that people peed into? That’s a little too much, guys. And already, some people are willing to spend over $100 to have someone else’s DNA enter their house. Typically, you’re supposed to RECEIVE money to allow that to happen, but most of you probably aren’t hookers, either I’d guess.

Regardless, maybe some of these geniuses have a better idea of what to do with scrap metal than I do. Maybe someone will buy this and:

  • Metal stamp it into a small Metrodome replica
  • Use it as a flower planter for their garden
  • Set it up on their porch as an outdoor bathroom
  • Add some straw and a blanket and use as a guest bed
  • Flip it over in your garage to use as a work bench
  • Enclose the whole structure and whittle it into an old fashioned BBQ smoker, capturing all that “flavor” from years of use in your favorite brisket.

Either way, none of that really justifies buying a thing people shook their wieners into, but I guess I’m maybe just a bit old fashioned. If one of you DO end up with one trough, let us know what you ended up doing with it so we can all be disgusted together.


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.