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Bridgewater Making Himself at Home Already?

Teddy Bridgerwater has officially been a Minnesota Viking for just under two months, but it’s already been clear that the young quarterback has made an impact. Not just on the team, either. Sure, he’s been stellar in rookie mini-camps and the Vikings’ spring Organized Team Activities, but the on-field impact is just touching the surface. Off the field he’s been a fixture in NFL interviews, making guest appearances at local Twin Cities events, and always smiling.

Oh, and he already apparently owns a couple of his own buildings.

Several astute Redditors recently were scouring Minneapolis Google Street Views and found some interesting buildings starting to sprout up around town. The first you see if the building above you, The Bridgewater building, located at 215 10th Avenue South in Minneapolis. Officially it’s listed as a building with condo’s available for sale, with “modern-day style and appeal” in Minneapolis. But I think we all know what’s going on here. Teddy Bridgewater, in little under two months, has influenced Minneapolis business so significantly, people have decided to start naming buildings after him.

bridgewater bank minneapolis

And this isn’t the only one! The other building that has popped up recently is the one you see here, Bridgewater Bank. This is perhaps even more jarring, as it’s obvious here that Bridgewater himself has made a financial move, and decided to open his own bank in Minneapolis. Located at 7th Street and Marquette, the Bridgewater Bank will tell people it’s been around for a while, probably, but that’s just a laundry scheming front. The real history is when Teddy Bridgewater was drafted by the Vikings, invested in the bank, because he knew the team and the fans were investing in HIM. So he’s taken all that investment, invested it, and has become an investment banker. INVEST-CEPTION.

Are these significant moves? With the renaming of these buildings does it mean that Teddy Bridgewater is the future of the Vikings? You bet your ass it does. Let me ask you this; how many “Ponder Buildings” do you see around town? Case in point.


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