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Brian Robison and Jerome Felton Are Having a Fish-Off

Robison Felton Tweets

For whatever reason, Brian Robison and Jerome Felton have been having an off-season Twitter battle.

It all started early in free agency where Felton started commenting about all the defensive players who had received contracts for the Vikings, as the team rightfully understood that they needed to beef up that side of the ball. In doing so, he drew the attention of defensive end Brian Robison, who kindly reminded Felton to worry about his own side of the ball … And probably to stop driving drunk. But whatever.

In time, this somehow has led to a fish-off between the two players. And man, Jerome Felton … Stick to blocking, bro.

Jerome Felton came out of nowhere this week boasting to Robison that the Vikings defensive end better watch his back, because he apparently went fishing over his spring break or something and hooked a big ass fish. Truly, we are all "Witness" to Felton's great fishing prowess:

Jerome Felton Fish

This one? Not so much. Probably could have kept that on the hook:

Felton Fishing

And that's when Brian Robison, decided to, kick some "bass":

Robison Fishing

Brian Robison Fish

Robison Fishing Vikings

When the dust settles, I think it's safe to say Robison won this round. And when it comes to the team, I'd even wager to say that the defense will be taking care of business like Robison did here before the offense truly gets their shit together. But that has nothing to do with Felton, and everything to do with Christian Ponder. And, well … Ponder isn't quite the fisherman Robison is. Unless we're talking about catching wives, I guess.

Ponder Fishing


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