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Brandon Marshall Must Be Joking that Cutler Can Win MVP

Preseason football is a great time for everyone. Training camp has started, preseason games are getting ready for this weekend, and everyone’s record is 0-0. No one sucks! No one has thrown an interception! No one has officially been declared roster dead weight yet, PONDER, and everyone thinks anyone can be a special player this season! Yes, we’re all finally – every player on every team across the entire league – going to reach our potential!

And by “every player” we actually just mean Brandon Marshall talking about Jay Cutler, and by “potential” we mean the potential to be an MVP. But not of the NFL in 2014, mind you. No. Nononononono. Surely, Brandon Marshall just meant the MVP of his fantasy football league, right? Because there is no way Cutler is winning NFL MVP:

“Marshall said that if Cutler can play 16 games with the weapons he has at his disposal there is no reason the quarterback couldn’t win The NFL MVP this season.
In addition, Marshall said that Cutler and the rest of the Bears offense is in the second year and will only be better with the comfort level of the offense.”

Sure. Yeah. I think that sounds pretty reasonable. So if a quarterback has talent around him, it stands to reason that the quarterback will do well, then. OK, Marshall, I can MAYBE buy into that so far. What’s your other point? That because the Bears offense is now in it’s second year together that they’ll do better together? They’re going to “click”? Hmmm. Yes, I see you’re logic. How astute.

I mean, never mind the fact that Jay Cutler is a turnover baby, and has been most his career. Or that simply putting offensive weapons around a player does not – in fact – assure them of success. I mean, did that work for Ponder? Do Tom Brady and Peyton Manning – you know, ACTUAL NFL MVPs – need weapons around them to be great players? Or do they make players great? And surely, an offense only gets better the longer a coach is running it, right? I mean, did you SEE how awesome Musgrave’s offense got the longer he was with the Vikings? It was fantastic!

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OK, OK, sure. Ponder is awful. But Ponder isn’t the only awful player in the NFL. Musgrave is also one of the worst, but it’s not like the NFL is just flush with brilliant coordinators. POINT BEING, settle down, Brandon Marshall, and just hope Cutler is more typical Cutler rather than Christian Ponder, and you can maybe go 8-8.


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