inside the minecraft metrodome

Behold the Glory of the Metrodome in Minecraft

As far as video game Vikings stadiums go? This one is pretty good. Unless you count the time you moved the team to Mexico City in Madden 2004 and built one yourself.

Despite the fact that the Minnesota Vikings former stadium, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, has been turned into a climactic scene from "Escape from New York", many Vikings fans still have fond memories of the building and what it meant to the franchise. If you're wondering WHY that is, well, you're asking the wrong guy. It is just a thing, so deal with it.

In fact, one guy loved the Metrodome SO MUCH, that he made a pretty damn good replica of it in the video game Minecraft, and his attention to detail is astounding.

For those who are old and losers, Minecraft is a video game where you mine blocks and build them into all sorts of crazy things. People have built castles with working electricity, airplanes, and sprawling cities that would blow your mind, brick by brick. In this example, a Redditor by the name of FUCK_YOU_DERRICK (He must hate Derrick Williams? Because I sure did) re-made the fallen dome brick by brick, color by color, in amazing detail, inside and out. Here are some of our favorite features.

Minecraft Metrodome

The level of detail Mr. Derrick put into this thing is astounding. He claims that, if you look close enough, you can see all the press boxes, suites, and even Legends Club in the model.

Other details stand out too, for people who are *intimate* with the Metrodome set up. The lines around the sidelines, benches, and Gatorade buckets are there, as are the medical equipment on the sidelines, or whatever it is they put in those drawer things on the side. You can even see the on-field seating for special guests and the marching band, when they show up. Pretty cool!

Inside the minecraft dome

He mentions he chose to mark only every ten yards on the field, otherwise things would get too cluttered, which makes sense. Likewise, he was not able to fit in EVERY section within the stadium, otherwise it would become too crowded. However, he did make a VERY respectable Vikings Helga logo on the mid-field though. That's some good pixelation art!

Minecraft Dome Locker Room

He even added the locker room, as you can see, and other interior features of the Metrodome, which is the neat thing about Minecraft, in that you build the things you create inside and out. Crazy video games!

Outside Minecraft Dome

Also impressive is his attention to detail on the outside of the Dome. He actually built the roof to be dome-shaped (which apparently was a pain to do with virtual blocks, as you could imagine, right?!), and added features like the ticket booth, fan decks, signage, trees, and different gate entrances.

Night at the Minecraft Metrodome

Overall, it's a pretty impressive creation, and something that could only be done through a labor of love, and maybe a little bit of crazy involved. If you liked it, make sure to head over to Reddit and give this dude an upvote. He deserves it.

More pictures of his creation available here.


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