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Any Vikings Fans Love Big Sacks?

Is there anything better than watching a Minnesota Vikings game, and seeing just a huge, crushing sack? Just a sack that comes out of nowhere, hits someone right in the face, and drops ’em low? That’s my favorite. Just a bunch of sweaty guys, looking for sacks.

Chances are, that’s what your girlfriend likes about football, too, and might be the only thing she likes about football. If that’s the case, then why not get her this “I LOVE BIG SACKS and that Minnesota D” sweatshirt?

You see, the beauty about this shirt is that it’s a bit of a play on words, you know. The joke is that “Big Sacks” could indicate something like testicles, LARGE testicles, at that, and so it’s a bit deceiving. Adding in the “and that Minnesota D” – or defense – is a bit of a misdirection, which makes the joke even funnier! The kicker of the whole thing? If your girlfriend is wearing it, it makes it sound like she’s a bit of a nymphomaniac, AND a football lover! What an amazing combination!

i love big sacks shirt

Of course, I doubt many – if any – self respecting women would be seen wearing this in public. It’s probably the equivalent of a guy wearing a shirt that says “I LOVE TIGHT ENDS and Kyle Rudolph” but possibly a bit gayer. Either way, you’ll get a chuckle from people around you, but it won’t be because it’s funny. It’ll be because people are pretty sure you’re gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

On the other hand, I don’t know what kind of self respecting person would be seen wearing a piece of Vikings apparel in public anyway, so maybe just having a shirt like this or something else doesn’t even matter. Life is so depressing.


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