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Animal Cruelty Found in Wisconsin

ALERT: If you have the state of Wisconsin’s animal cruelty number, please list it in the comments and everyone call and report this awful, awful, Packers fan who is basically beating their dog.

That’s right, we have photographic evidence of a Packers fan partaking in an act of animal cruelty, officially making them the worst kind of human being. This Packers fan – unabashedly so – isn’t even ashamed of their awful lifestyle. Instead, this person brazenly advertises their animal abusing as a bumper sticker on their own automobile, driving around town proudly letting everyone know one simply thing:

packers fans animal cruelty


Translation? “I hate myself and am in such a state of depression that I have now decided to physically abuse my dog by making them wear Green Bay Packers gear, or anthropomorphically assume my dog has a preference or cares about something which they are incapable of understanding.” ANIMAL ABUSER!

These types of atrocities have to stop. It’s one thing to punish your dog for peeing on the floor, or being angry at them for possibly biting an innocent child running down the street, but declaring them to be Packers fans when no evidence exists to suggest such a thing? Awful. Awful, despicable, and horrible human activities. And you wonder why people like animals so much better than humans? A dog would never say their human owner is a Packers fan. Even they know that’s cruel.

Even worst? These types of lowest forms of human probably dress their children up in Packers apparel too. Oh yeah. You think this begins and ends with dogs and animals? Thinks again, sir. Packers fans should have an APB out to track down and arrest all Packer fans, because I promise you every single one performs contemptible behaviors such as this sick individual. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates America.

Do the right thing, people. Track this person down, report them to the police, and end these hostilities now. If you have the heart, adopt this alleged dog, and cry it to sleep every night, knowing that despite your best efforts you’ll never be able to wipe the stain of Green and Gold off of them. FOREVER UNCLEAN.


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