Aaron Rodgers Doppleganger

Aaron Rodgers Has Gone Real Weird This Offseason

Aaron Rodgers Doppleganger

Listen, we all are in agreement that Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is a damn good quarterback. In fact, he also probably knows that he’s a damn good quarterback. And that can be a problem, sometimes. Because when you know you are good at something, you end up developing a sense of entitlement. For some, it’s a sense that you deserved that promotion, or you deserved that prestigious award. For Rodgers, he’s to the point now where he probably feels like he DESERVES to win a Super Bowl every year.

And when he doesn’t win one? Well, that’s when things get weird.

You know those DirectTV commercials? “Don’t become a local fisherman they call big fatty face.” I feel like that’s what happened to Aaron Rodgers here:

“When you throw for only 177 yards again a team traveling to your home stadium in freezing temperatures, you lose Wild Card playoff games.”

“When you lose Wild Card playoff games you go into a spiral of depression, locking yourself in your apartment with your male roommate and watching each others hair grow long.”

“When your hair grows long because you’ve spiraled into a deep depression, you change your name to escape your past life, becoming something called Tom Wrigglesworth.”

Tom Wrigglesworth

“When your name becomes Tom Wrigglesworth, you become eligible to appear on the Science Channel’s popular show ‘Outrageous Acts’.”

“When you first make your appearance on ‘Outrageous Acts’ as Tom Wrigglesworth, you don’t know what to do with your hands, so you pretend you’re Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from the History Channel series ‘Ancient Aliens’.”

“Aaron Rodgers, don’t be Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from the History Channel series ‘Ancient Aliens’. Switch your team to the Minnesota Vikings.”

Or something. I mean, I’d take him right now, during AD’s waning prime. Wouldn’t even care that he’d live in an Uptown apartment with Ricardo. He’d fit right in.


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