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2014 Who Ya Gonna Draft? – Teddy Bridgewater

The 2014 NFL Draft is fast approaching, so I guess I better actually do something draft related. Today, we look into Vikings draft prospect Teddy Bridgewater, a QB from Louisville, and the first of many quarterbacks we’ll be looking into for this draft. For reference, we’ll continue to bring you some hot sexy draft prospect news in the days leading up to the Vikings 2014 draft selections on May 8, 2014. We’ll be basing the priority of our previews on the draft priority board we created over the last month, which can be found here. Essentially it goes: linebackers, quarterback, cornerback, ALL THE DEFENSE, garbage bodies. Enjoy!


Teddy Bridgewater is probably sick of pre-draft talk by now. After the end of the college season, he was a consensus number one or number two pick in the draft, vying for first overall with super villain Jadeveon Clowney and his ESPN highlight reel antics. However. As the NFL Combine got closer, as his Pro Day rolled around, as people started to question just how skinny his knees were, he’s dropped from a top two pick to someone who may not be picked until the second round, at best, despite the fact that as a Junior quarterback, he threw for almost 4,000 yards with a 9.3 yards per attempt, 31 touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions.

What is wrong with people.

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Not that I could find. Maybe that’s why his draft stock is falling? But pictures of guys in tight shirts lifting weights has to count for something, right?


So what the hell is wrong with the guy? Why were people giving him free hand jobs one day, now white knuckling six layers of skin today? I think it’s a classic case of prognosticators looking too much into shit that doesn’t matter, but I’m just an asshole that started to look at the draft last week, not months ago. So, let’s go to CBS Sports for the details. How about the good things:

Comes from a pro-style offense at Louisville, and was among the nation’s leaders in all passing categories when facing blitzes. Naturally steps through his progressions, and keeps his eyes focused downfield with defenders closing in on him. Can manipulate the defense with his eyes. Shows very good weight distribution and passing mechanics. Steps into the face of pressure and delivers, showing admirable toughness on each snap to bounce back after big hits. Smooth mobility to extend and move the pocket with the quickness to pick up yards with his legs if needed. Impressive accuracy and touch on throws to all levels of the field, and displays good accuracy while on the move. Quick and efficient movements in his technique and does an excellent job with fakes, selling and focusing on the details. He is poised and with very good footwork in the pocket. Can keep defenses guessing with a sprinkling of read-option looks. Mature and grounded individual who obviously loves football. Sharp-witted and retains information extremely well. Makes it look easy on the field and appears to “get it,” elevating the play of those around him.

Oh. Well that sounds pretty sweet. That sounds like a quarterback that you would maybe see in the NFL. Hey! The Vikings could use a quarterback that you usually would see in the NFL! Why not Bridgewater? (That’s my segue to the “bad” portion):

Although quick, Bridgewater has a lower than ideal release point with the ball shooting passed his ear. Some durability concerns after all the hits he has taken over his career, specifically to his wrist and ankle. He’s mobile enough to extend plays, but isn’t a true dual-threat quarterback. Room to improve his touch and ball placement on downfield throws. Strong performances in big games including against Florida in the Sugar Bowl following the 2012 season, but played mediocre talent on a weekly basis in the American Athletic Conference.

They go on to say Bridgewater’s best comparison is Russell Wilson. You know, the QB who won a Super Bowl in his 3rd season? With a sick defense, but whatever. Bridgewater has tiny wrists and ankles. DON’T DRAFT HIM, VIKINGS!!

teddy bridgewater vikings


This is why I hate people. Bridgewater is a pretty damn good football player, and deserves to go to any team that needs help sooner than later at the quarterback position, much like the Vikings. Imagine watching a young guy at quarterback, going through his progressions, and running a soft read-option look with Adrian Peterson. Now, go clean your pants up, because you just spilled your seed. Now, depending on who you ask, Bridgewater is either going to be picked in the top six, or he’s dropping all the way to the second round. For whatever reason, he’s been gutted by analysts these past two weeks, which makes me think the Vikings might have a chance to let him drop in their lap at eight. But the reality is that quarterback hungry teams like the Rams, Jags, Browns, Oakland, and Tampa Bay ALL pick in front of the Vikings. SO GLAD WE WON A COUPLE MORE MEANINGLESS GAMES. Stupid Vikings.

So? Is Bridgewater the quarterback you want in this draft?


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