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2014 Who Ya Gonna Draft? – CJ Mosley

The 2014 NFL Draft is fast approaching, so I guess I better actually do something draft related. Today, we look into Vikings draft prospect CJ Mosley, an inside linebacker from Alabama. For reference, we’ll continue to bring you some hot sexy draft prospect news in the days leading up to the Vikings 2014 draft selections on May 8, 2014. We’ll be basing the priority of our previews on the draft priority board we created over the last month, which can be found here. Essentially it goes: linebackers, quarterback, cornerback, ALL THE DEFENSE, garbage bodies. Enjoy!


CJ Mosley is an inside linebacker who played at Alabama for four years and might have killed people in a scrum at one point. Hey, SEC football is some real shit, man. Over the last two years he was 3rd and 2nd, respectively, in tackles in the SEC, and was the recipient of the 2013 Dick Butkus award, which I think is an award given to good linebackers, and not butt kissers. But it’s somehow related to the Chicago Bears, so I could be mistaken. He’s had various injuries through his career, but most of them are freak accidents and I don’t seem them lingering. He’s young, he’ll heal, whatever. And at 6’2″ and 232 pounds, he’s the same height and about 15 pounds heavier than the best running back in the NFL (Adrian Peterson, duh), so that alone seems kind of impressive. Also, if you can survive for four years under Nick Saban and not be known as a dude who weeps openly, I assume you’re probably a bad ass.


CJ Mosley
It counts!


Hey, with each prospect in the NFL draft, there are good and bad things that people see in the player. We’re going to revert to CBS Sports player profiles to see what they say, because CBS is usually full of old crotchety people. So if they end up liking someone, that probably means they’re really good. So here’s the good stuff:

Mosley does a nice job using his length and lower body fluidity to keep himself clean through a crowd and finishes at the ball, wrapping and driving through his target. He is very smart and keeps his eyes on the ball to track and attack and rarely makes mental mistakes, which is a result of his high football IQ and preparation skills.

Finishing, wrapping, driving, BALL … Well, CJ Mosley has me sexually aroused. So how do I get from midnight to six? The bad stuff!

Isn’t always fundamentally consistent as a tackler, at times opting to throw himself at his target or drop his head on contact. Missed time in 2011 with a dislocated elbow.

So, basically, he’s every football player who’s played ever? Whatever nerds. I’m still rock hard. There ain’t no down side to Mosley.

cj mosley 002


So, the Vikings need an inside linebacker presence in the worst way. CJ Mosley gets compared to Lavonte David, who is a fantastic linebacker for Tampa Bay and use to play for Nebraska, whom I watched a lot of in college and have a platonic non-sexual crush on, but Mosley is WAY more of a traditional and heavy hitting linebacker than David is. And that’s a good thing. Depending on who you ask, Mosley may be picked anywhere from the top ten to number twenty two. I think he’s ridiculously good, and would anchor a bad ass Vikings linebacker core for years. He’s also one of the top two ranked inside linebackers, so if the Vikings follow my draft priority board like they damn well better, Mosley could easily be on their radar, or someone they are keeping an eye on if they decide to trade back from the number eight spot. He’d be a day-one starter, too, and a big enough body to make us forget how easy it has been for even crappy teams to slide right up our middle slit to dig around inside our guts like they owned ’em. ENOUGH!

So, what do you think? You a Mosley fan?


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